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Denmark is one of Europe’s most charming countries. It is warm and cosy, despite its Scandinavian climate. It is home to fairy tales and amusement parks, romantic cafés and restaurants, as well as impressive views. Denmark’s landscape is peppered with picturesque villages and towns, castles and old monuments, shady beech forests and beautiful lakes.

When you visit the country, you should see more than just the capital. From Copenhagen you can easily reach the Queen’s summer residency (a Gothic castle) and the famous Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. The world’s oldest amusement park – Dyrehavsbakken – is located just 10 kilometres outside of the capital. It first opened its gates in 1583.

The world-famous LEGOLAND is situated close to the city of Aarhus. We also advise you visit Funen, an open-air museum with medieval castles, mansions and old parks. Odense, Hans Christian Andersen’s hometown, attracts many visitors in July and August. The city hosts an annual festival in his name, as well as a museum. The Kronberg castle – the largest building in Scandinavia and the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet – is located in Helsingør. Tourists also visit the Museum of National History in Frederiksborg castle, the 13th-century church in Roskilde and the Viking Museum. The city of Roskilde hosts the popular open-air festival.

The island of North Zealand is a favourite place among Danes and tourists alike. It has dozens of wonderful beaches, great hotels and party destinations.

The Lolland Island situated south of Zealand is perfect for golf, fishing and water sports enthusiasts. Lolland’s shores carved with bays and framed with high cliffs provides an opportunity of a calm vacation in the very heart of Europe. The white cliffs of Møn that rise up to 128 metres above sea level are considered to be one of the most beautiful places in Denmark.

Jutland‘s coasts have many great sandy beaches, and it’s a true mecca for water sports enthusiasts. The resort town of Skagen attracts visitors with its sand dunes.

Interesting Facts about Denmark:

  • The Danish monarchy is the oldest in Western Europe. Until the 19th century Denmark ruled over all of Northern Europe. The country consists of the Jutland Peninsula and 406 islands.
  • Denmark is considered to be home to the happiest people, at least according to research conducted by scientists from England’s Leicester University. Danes are also considered to be the calmest Europeans – the country has the lowest number of jails.
  • In 2009 Denmark was recognised as the world’s eco-friendliest country.
  • At 1.8 kilometres, Copenhagen’s Strøget Street is the longest pedestrian shopping street. It is also the world’s first pedestrian zone.
  • Ribe is the oldest extant town in Scandinavia, established in 700 BCE.
  • Hans Christian Andersen is by some recognised as the greatest writer of all time. His fairy tales are translated to all the languages of the world, which can only be said about one other book – the Bible. The author’s Little Mermaid is the country’s symbol, and millions of tourists come every year to see a statue of her.
  • Denmark controls 12 percent of the world’s sea lanes, and the country also boasts the highest salaries in Europe.
  • The bicycle is the Danes’ favourite mode of transport. You can rent one for free in Copenhagen, or inexpensively in the rest of the country.
  • The distinguishing feature of Danish cuisine is the sandwich, of which there are 200 kinds, and which are eaten as separate meals and as appetizers. Traditional meals are mostly cooked from pork, which is prepared with cabbage, onions, apples, prunes, potatoes, and other vegetables and sauces.

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