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Elegant and beautiful France offers a tasteful holiday filled with tours, lazy breakfasts with croissants on one of many café terraces, swimming in the Côte d’Azur, world-famous museums, farmers' markets in city squares, and Wine Countries. Exquisite cuisine and wine, coast and skiing resorts – France has it all!


French cuisine is capable of combining seemingly incompatible ingredients and discovering a culinary potential in the strangest of places (frogs' legs and snails). Every region has contributed to the country’s culinary treasury in its own way. For example, the Rhône Region in the Alps is famous for its grated potato casserole, and the Central Alpine region is home to the best fondue.

The French are considered to be the world’s biggest gastronomes. That’s why here you’ll find every imaginable option for eating out, from bistros to crêperies, diners, and, last, but not least, the catering industry’s king – the restaurant. And don’t forget about French wine! One simply must try the wines of the regions of Burgundy and Bordeaux.


In Paris, you can visit various architecture exhibitions and museums, enjoy the works of impressionist and modern artists, or just watch passers-by while sitting on a bench in the most artsy street in Paris – the Montmartre. French culture encompasses world-famous architectural marvels, museums, and Renaissance and Baroque churches. The cultural heritage of this country will blow you away with its size and variety. After all, France is the country that attracts more tourists than any other – each year it welcomes more than 80,000,000 travellers.

Lazy Leisure

The beaches of the French Riviera and its warm sea are the choice of many showbiz stars. You shouldn’t be surprised if you see celebrities sunbathing next to you in Nice. You can also try your luck in one of Monte Carlos’s casinos, dine in one of the finest French restaurants in Cannes, and relax and indulge in salt-water spas in Bretagne and Aquitaine.

Active Leisure

France has a vast number of skiing resorts providing large and diverse ski zones, new equipment and incredible heights. This is why, despite the existing “party resort” stereotype, most of them focus on skiing, not nightlife.


The rhythm of everyday life, influenced by the time of year and old French traditions, touches every traveller’s heart. Do not resist – it is much better to succumb to the French way of life at least for a couple of days. Try the luxury of simplicity and small everyday rituals that turn into unforgettable holiday moments, be it enjoying coffee and pastries in a small Parisian café, or spending a quiet minute in front of a painting depicting water lilies.

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