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Top 9 Interesting Facts about Spain

Woman at the fair of Seville
Photo taken by  Woman at the fair of Seville

Many Europeans are quite familiar with the popular travel destination that is Spain. However, this sunny land of siestas is full of interesting and unique cultural details, which can spice up any trip. Travel on Spot offers you top 9 facts about Spain you may not yet know.

1. The Spanish anthem has no lyrics.

2. The language of the Basque people, who live mostly in the Northern part of Spain, has no connection to any other language in the world. According to some linguistic theories, though, these people came to Spain from Caucasus. It is speculated that their language might have some affinity with the Svan language, spoken in the Georgian region of Svaneti. So far, this theory received no support from the Basque people themselves.

3. Spain holds the world record in terms of number of bars, restaurants, cafés and night clubs per capita.

Carnival in the city of Las Palmas on the Island Gran Canary
Photo taken by  Carnival in the city of Las Palmas on the Island Gran Canary

4. Even though most Spaniards are highly religious Catholics, same-sex marriage was legalized here way back in 2005.

5. Travelling to Spain during summer and getting drenched in the rain is a near impossibility – there are roughly 280 annual sunny days here!

6. Almost no self-respecting Spaniard eats breakfast at home. The first meal of the day is usually eaten in a nearby café, where morning papers are carefully arranged on every table.

Elderman at restaurant in Madrid
Photo taken by  Elderman at restaurant in Madrid

7. The Spanish restaurant El Bulli, located near the town of Roses, is considered to be the world’s best to this day. Even though an average meal used to cost around 250 EUR here, the tables would be booked for the entire season in a single day.

The restaurant was closed in 2011, however, and then re-opened as a creative urban centre, academy and fund in 2014. Now, the restaurant’s famous chef Ferran Adrià shares not only tasty meals, but also his knowledge.

The Mediterranean coast in Alicante
Photo taken by  The Mediterranean coast in Alicante

8. Spanish law permits sunbathing naked everywhere. The country’s nudists, however, still prefer to shed off their clothes and go sunbathing only in specialised nudist beaches.

9. The El Diablo restaurant, located in the Canary Island of Lanzarote, offers steak grilled right over a volcanic crater, on lava heat.

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