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A List of Your Life‘s Journeys: the 15 Most Beautiful Countries in the World

The most beautiful countries in the world
Photo taken by Travel On Spot.  The most beautiful countries in the world

Although judging beauty can be extremely challenging, that’s exactly what our experts at Travel on Spot tried to accomplish. We have reviewed more than ten different ratings of the world’s most beautiful countries and collaged the results. An average was calculated and the countries most mentioned in these were bumped up higher on our list. Here’s an objective list of the world’s most beautiful countries. Visit them and you will have skimmed the cream of the world’s travel pie.

15. India (place on ratings: 7.1 – i.e., typically rated just under 7th place)

Elephants at the Pooram Festival in Thrissur in the province of Kerala in India
Photo taken by  Elephants at the Pooram Festival in Thrissur in the province of Kerala in India

India is a large country filled with countless wonders. Even though, for the most part, its nature is drowned out by the profusion of people, cars and ever-abundant garbage, you can still see its mesmerising beauty, covered by a veil of unruliness. The world’s highest mountains – the Himalayas – feed the holy River Ganges, which brings life to a substantial part of India. Here, located in reservations, you’ll find the endangered Asian pride – tigers. Green tea is grown here, and the coastline of the Indian Ocean allures tourists. Colours, sounds, smells – nothing here is like anywhere else in the world.

14. Australia (place on ratings: 7.0)

Famous Twelve Apostles in Australia
Photo taken by  Famous Twelve Apostles in Australia

This mini-continent is also mentioned in the 2016 list of places most worthy of visiting. Not only because this giant, dry island is surrounded by rocky shores, green woods, modern cities and the world’s longest coral reefs; not only because Australia is located near the unique Island of Tasmania, but also because it’s one of the most remote and interesting continents on the planet.

13. Greece (place on ratings: 6.5)

The sea view terrace at luxury hotel, Santorini island, Greece
Photo taken by  The sea view terrace at luxury hotel, Santorini island, Greece

The unique islands of Greece, scattered in the Mediterranean like pearls, have been attracting vacationers since ancient times. Corfu, Crete, Santorini, Rhodes, Kos, Mykonos and many other islands charm us with their azure bays, white-coloured houses on steep mountain cliffs, a relaxed lifestyle and the sun that never seems to set. Let’s also not forget Athens, which gave birth to the contemporary European civilisation. The country’s mainland has a number of underground rivers, fascinating monasteries and churches built into rocks, and mountains suitable for skiing in the winter.

12. Indonesia (place on ratings: 6.1)

Green Village Bali
Photo taken by  Green Village Bali

Most tourists known Indonesia as the place of the travellers’ mecca – Bali. This little island has plenty of everything: beautiful nature, excellent beaches and a colourful culture, which prompt many travellers to begin their journeys in Bali. Apart from that, however, Indonesia has another 17,000 islands, each with more beaches, individual communities, impassable jungles and variety of fauna than can be enjoyed on a single trip. For this reason, we recommend you start you journeys in Bali.

11. Tanzania (place on ratings: 6.0)

Mount Kilimanjaro and clouds line at sunset
Photo taken by  Mount Kilimanjaro and clouds line at sunset

Tanzania is the symbol of the beautiful East African nature. The country’s vast territory is home to many of the continent’s largest mammals – from lions to elephants. The coast of Tanzania is washed over not only by the Indian Ocean, but also Africa’s biggest lake – Victoria. The deepest Lake Tanganyika is located nearby. Jungles turn into savannahs and savannahs turn into mountains and volcanos. The pinnacle of Tanzania’s landscape is the Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The country’s tropical shores are also home to the famous and exotic Zanzibar, which intoxicates visitors with its seafood, spices and the Arab way of life.

10. Switzerland (place on ratings: 5.6)

Photo taken by  Switzerland

Switzerland is a well-tuned and precise clock of the European continent. It’s one of the world’s most expensive countries, although the quality of life here is also among the highest. And not only because the Swiss are wealthy, have excellent social security and feel generally safe, but also because of the fantastic Swiss nature. Located in the Alps, this country is famous for its idyllic landscapes and winter ski resorts. Switzerland’s beautiful, cosy mountain towns attract thousands of tourists from all over the world.

9. Brazil (place on ratings: 4.6)

Guanabara Bay, Rio De Janeiro
Photo taken by  Guanabara Bay, Rio De Janeiro

Brazil is one of the most biologically diverse countries in the world. The Amazon rainforest, teeming with life, is reason enough to visit South America’s largest country. And let’s not forget the excellent beaches, the wild carnivals and the sexy locals. During recent years, Brazil has been the organiser of the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics, which attract people from all over the world. What could be more beautiful than that?

P.S. Eight even more beautiful countries to come...

8. China (place in ratings: 4.5)

Hong Kong
Photo taken by  Hong Kong

During recent years, China has become known as an industrial and economic giant, a developer of large cities and infrastructure projects, and the leader in polluted air and soiled water bodies. It is, however, a vast country which also has deserts, high mountains, snowy stretches and tropical lands. The variety of natural environments, seasons and regions here is huge. China’s cultural heritage is no less impressive, so don’t hesitate and dive right in. Lately, the country has also been more focused on environmental protection than ever before.

7. Japan (place in ratings: 4.4)

Osaka Castle during the spring season
Photo taken by  Osaka Castle during the spring season

China’s neighbour Japan is like the opposing pole of Asia, where the dreamy blooming of the cherry blossoms, the rapidly changing seasons and the wonderful nature are mixed with the beauty of a futuristic civilisation. On first sight, tourists who come to Japan from afar often find it shockingly different in its variety of sounds, images, traditions, urban culture and food choices. It’s the most direct way to visit a beautiful future.

6. Italy (place in ratings: 4.3)

Panorama of Florence, Italy
Photo taken by  Panorama of Florence, Italy

This charming “boot”, located in Southern Europe, mesmerises visitors with its nature, food, sea shores, ancient man-made cities, historical heritage and unique islands. Italy’s Northern part is akin to Switzerland in its beauty, while the Southern slice is more reminiscent of Greece, Spain or even the shores of Africa. For hundreds of years, this was the centre of the Western civilisation, and the junction of every road from Asia, Africa and the other continents. For this reason, the beauty of Italy is not exhausted by its nature – Italian cultural heritage and architectural monuments are just as impressive.

5. Canada (place in ratings: 4.1)

Photo taken by  Toronto

Canada, on the other hand, placed fifth on our list, impresses visitors primarily with its natural beauty. The second-largest country in the world in terms of total area, Canada is home to all the beauty of the Northern hemisphere. Here, lakes and mountains are located among endless woods. In this hot world, growing ever more overwhelmed by garbage, Canada is truly refreshing. Moreover, the country’s South is home to cosy cities, such as Vancouver, Toronto and many others, perfectly suited for comfortable living.

4. USA (place in ratings: 4.0)

Santa Monica State Beach
Photo taken by  Santa Monica State Beach

The U.S. is higher on the list than Canada only because of its even more varied nature. Alaska represents everything Canada has, and the U.S. itself has lots of varied nature. Boundless deserts, the Grand Canyon, the golden shores of California, the green Florida, the famous Yellowstone Park – even if you see America as the stereotypically consumerist, skyscraper-filled country, you have to recognise that it’s also one of the world’s most varied and interesting countries for travellers. Furthermore, for over a century now, America’s environmental and national park services have been ensuring that visitors experience all of the joys nature has to offer. If you’re still unconvinced, go to Hawaii.

3. South Africa (place in ratings: 3.3)

Wild male lion yawning, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Photo taken by  Wild male lion yawning, Kruger National Park, South Africa

This is the most-mentioned country on the Internet by travellers. South Africa compels visitors with its varied nature, exotic cities, food, music and the mixture of different cultures and races. Having been at the pinnacle of geographical discoveries and trade routes for many centuries, this country has amassed so many people and so much cultural heritage that it can’t be overshadowed even by the constant civil unrest. The Indian and the Atlantic Oceans meet here. South Africa is also the birthplace of Nelson Mandela, the African – and international – leader of peace. The country’s savannahs, just like in Tanzania, are home to free-roaming wild animals – the largest in the world. Only tourists have better opportunities to travel, discover and feel safe.

2. France (place in rantings: 2.2)

Vergisson with vineyards, Burgundy
Photo taken by  Vergisson with vineyards, Burgundy

Subjectively, the editors of Travel on Spot would be happy to concede such a high place on the list to Chile, Norway, Spain or some other forgotten, wonderful corner of our planet. Objectively, however, we have to admit that France knows how to sell itself. They have managed to turn even the dreary metal Eiffel Tower into the world’s best-known tourist, romantic, aesthetic and love symbol. And there’s plenty to advertise here even without it: the Parisian architecture and cultural heritage, the Alps, the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, food, philosophy, the culture of democracy and aesthetics… We could go on. Maybe that’s why France is one of the most popular tourist countries in the world.

1. New Zealand (place in ratings: 1.75)

New Zealand
Photo taken by  New Zealand

We should all admit that our concept of beauty is heavily influence by the media and the film industry. New Zealand is a tremendously beautiful country with many different landscapes, calm and happy people and a high living standard, all of which may make it seem like a true paradise. However, the first ten countries on this list could easily compete with it in terms of natural beauty and diversity. It’s just that this remote country was recently seen in all of its beauty on cinema screens, thereby attracting an even larger audience of admirers. Let’s not forget that New Zealand is located even further away than the isolated Australia, and people were always attracted by hard-to-reach lands.

What is the most beautiful memory in your travel journal – perhaps the opportunity to sit down on the actual edge of the world in New Zealand?

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kindell   2 years ago  Edited
Truly amazing this is! I am sure that anything like this is going to help me out quite nicely and i'll be learning so much from this, As the niagara falls trips
guest   1 year ago  Edited
New Zealand is a great place where I am so keen to have a joyous time period just after mine and would like to get exciting moments.