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6 Hotels from Popular Movies Awaiting Your Stay

Photo taken by Koliažas.  

We‘ve all seen rooms of these hotels in popular movies where the characters stayed and had adventures. In reality, some hotels were built after those movies gained fame. Others had been open for years and were used as movie sets.

Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas
Photo taken by  Caesars Palace in Las Vegas

Caesar, the actual Roman Emperor, never had the opportunity to visit the Las Vegas hotel bearing his name, but Bradley Cooper and gang filmed the legendary bachelor-party movie Hangover in that very hotel. It instantly became a symbol of Vegas parties and drunken adventures.

Sadri Miss (Tatooine), Tunisia

Hotel Sidi Driss, Tunisia
Photo taken by  Hotel Sidi Driss, Tunisia

Room service, breakfast and spacious rooms are among the things you won‘t find in the Sadri Miss hotel. However, a lot of people want to stay there because it is the childhood home of Luke Skywalker from Star Wars. In the cult movie here one could drink blue milk, buy robots and watch two suns descending. Sci-fi lovers coming to Tunisia can feel at least a part of the movie’s ambience.

Millennium Baltimore Hotel, Los Angeles

Millennium Baltimore Hotel in Los Angeles
Photo taken by  Millennium Baltimore Hotel in Los Angeles

It is one of those hotels that has its interior imprinted in the memories of movie lovers. The luxurious hotel is immortalised in such movies as Ghostbusters, Spider-Man, White Lies, Wedding Crashers and many more. Its sumptuous hall, exquisite dining room and luxurious rooms were perfect for different scenes in Hollywood movies. Staying in this hotel, you will certainly feel like a movie star.

Desert Sands Motor Hotel, New Mexico

Desert Sands Motor Hotel, New Mexico
Photo taken by  Desert Sands Motor Hotel, New Mexico

No Country for Old Men, a modern classic by the Cohen brothers, is probably imprinted in the memories of many movie lovers. If you were a character in the movie, you would probably stay away from the hotel, where the cold-blooded murderer Anton Chigurh was staying. In reality, it’s an ordinary roadside motel offering rooms for an affordable price. Just don’t forget to lock the door at night...

The Hobbit Motel, New Zealandzelandija

The Hobbit Motel, New Zealand
Photo taken by  The Hobbit Motel, New Zealand

Who wouldn‘t want to stay in the hobbit village from one of the most spectacular movie of all times, The Lord of the Rings? The Hobbit Motel can be found in New Zealand, where the original trilogy and more movie about hobbits were filmed. Round doors, pit-houses and the breathtaking nature of New Zealand will all make you fell like you're neighbours with Frodo, Bilbo and Sam.

Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan
Photo taken by  Park Hyatt Tokyo, Japan

Do you remember the remarkable roles of Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson in the romantic comedy Lost in Translation? You also can stay in the Park Hyatt Tokyo hotel in Japan‘s capital, enjoy the view from the window of the hotel bar, listen to live music, sip on whisky and maybe even meet a charming stranger...

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Samantha Vance   1 year ago
Caesars Palace, Las Vegas is such a good place to have a reliable and comfortable stay. I have been there during my to stay for three nights and that was such a reliable time for me.
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