Cookie policy

When visiting and using our website, we aim to provide you with information and features tailored according to your needs. To achieve this, we require cookies. They are little pieces of information, text files stored in your web browser. They help us to recognize you as a previous visitor of our website, to preserve the history of your site visit and to adapt the content accordingly. Cookies also help us to keep the site running smoothly, allow you to monitor the duration, frequency of visits to our website, and collect statistical information about the number of site visitors. By analyzing this data we can improve the site and make it more convenient for you. When visiting our website you may choose whether you would like us to use cookies. If you do not want us to store cookies on your computer or other device, you may at any time withdraw your consent to use them by going to your browser settings and deleting the cookies. More information about cookies and how to delete them -




There are several types of cookies - session and long-term cookies, our cookies and third party cookies. Cookies are also categorized into technical, functional, analytical and commercial cookies according to their use and functions. Below we will explain what these terms mean for you to better understand the cookies we use and what they are used for. Session cookies allow us to recognize you during a single visit to our site so that any changes or selections you make on the page are remembered when traveling from one page to another. These cookies allow you to quickly and easily navigate through many pages of our site without having to re-enter information every time you visit a new one. Session cookies are temporary and will disappear as soon as you close the browser or disconnect from the site.




Long-term cookies are cookies that remain on your computer for a set period of time after the browsing session, so that certain user preferences or actions could be saved and automatically remembered when the site is re-visited.




These cookies used by other companies through our website. For example, our website uses Google Analytics cookies to analyze site traffic. Google Analytics collects anonymous information about the number of visitors, the location from which our site is connected to, and which parts of the site were browsed by visitors. These cookies are created by Google Analytics. Learn more about Google Analytics - Any information collected through cookies is stored until the expiration of the cookies and is not used for purposes other than those specified in this policy.




The cookies we use to ensure the proper functioning of our website.




The Company aims to provide an advanced and easy-to-use website that automatically adapts to the users’ wishes and preferences. To achieve this, the Company uses technical cookies which allow you to properly see the website and its contents and enable it to function properly. The company's website works only with the help of technical cookies.




The Company also uses functional cookies that allow you to remember the data subject's choices and to use the website effectively. For example, thanks to cookies, the website remembers the language chosen by the visitor, searches or reviews, trips and services offered by the Company. Cookies of this type are not necessary for the functioning of the website, but they add more possibilities and make the browsing experience more enjoyable.




The Company uses this type of cookies to understand how visitors use the Company's website, discover weak and strong parts of the website, optimize and improve the design and processes of the website and continue to implement more advanced solutions. The data collected by these cookies include pages reviewed by the visitor, the type of platform used by the visitor, the date and time information, the number of clicks, the movement of the mouse and the browsing activity, the keywords and other text input by the visitor while browsing the website. The Company also uses analytical cookies for online advertising purposes to analyze the behavior of users after they are presented with Company's online ads. We do not know which visitor it is, collects only anonymous information.




The Company uses these cookies to place Company's ads on other websites. The so-called "retargeting ads" are displayed based on information about the travel directions the visitor is looking for.