How can I book a room?

Booking with Travel On Spot is very easy, and takes only a couple of  minutes! You will find  some information below that will help you book a hotel in the easiest way. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our call center at any time.


On the title page you will find a field to enter a name of the accommodation or country/city you are looking for.  Select the dates and duration of your stay. Choose the number of persons  and rooms you need. After you  have entered all the information, Press the SEARCH button.

Just a second, searching for the best accommodation offers!

(!) You can search for more than 10 rooms at once.

(!) If you are travelling with children, please indicate their age. NOTE: If you  have made a wrong selection of children’s age, it is possible that your reservation won’t be successfully done.


Choosing the hotel

Our system shows you all available rooms at this moment according to your criteria. At this step you can  specify your hotel by the category, location, catering, facilities, activities and other type of criteria. You can choose the price range or even have a quick look at the map. Found the right offer?  Press the VIEW MORE button. You can find this button at the suggested offer.


Information about the hotel

At this step you will be able to find all the information about the selected hotel: description, facilities and other advantages of the accommodation. Please select the best room offer from the list. If you want to see more options of the rooms, press the MORE OFFERS button. If you find the most suitable room offer press ORDER NOW.

(!) Please notice that all chargeable benefits are marked with asterisk (*) symbol.

(!) See the best price offers at the top of the list.


Entering personal data

We highly recommend to create your profile at Travel On Spot before you start entering your personal data. By loging in you will be able to speed your buying process and have a chance to manage your reservation. You will receive more benefits which we offer for registered customers only. Have you already made a registration? Fill in the personal data (name, surname, gender, date of birth, phone number and email).  Then select the leading person who will receive all the documents and information related to your booking. You can mark any notes for the hotel in case you have some preferences. Please read our Booking terms and conditions and Accommodation establishment's contract notes. Make sure that your personal data is all correct  and press the ORDER button.

(!) Please make sure that your notes for the hotel are written in English. Otherwise, the hotel won’t be able to fulfill them.

(!) The email and phone number have to be unique. We really appreciate your confidence and we will not use any information for marketing purposes without your permission. However, we want to make sure that if we are not able to reach one person, we will have more persons to contact.

(!) You have 30 minutes to enter your personal data and make a payment. If you do not finish both steps in the given time limit, your reservation will be cancelled.



A clock appears at the top of your reservation which shows the time left to finish your payment. Double-check your personal data and information of your chosen hotel. If all the information is correct, choose the type of the payment. You are able to pay a full amount or make a partial payment. We offer a partial payment for those who have a daily limit. After you have chosen the relevant payment for you, press the PAY button. Wait a second until you are transferred to your online bank account.

(!) After your  payment  is successfully proceeded,you will receive a confirmation letter.

(!) After you make a partial payment ,you will receive a link to your next transaction.



Once you  have made your payment, you will receive a confirmation number and the necessary documents for your stay. You will also get this information to your email. You can find all  the documents by loging in to your Travel On Spot account.

(!) All documents and information will be sent to the selected leader's email address.


We wish you a pleasant stay and are looking forward to your return!