Lowest price guarantee

Conditions of lowest price guarantee

We assure that we offer the best possible price of accommodation unit at the time of its booking.

If the customers find the same-booked accommodation service at a lower price in another website, they may immediately contact the call centre of Travel On Spot. In this case, the customers will be offered to purchase the selected services at the same price if they fulfil the below mentioned conditions:

1) The customer immediately after the booking placement (no later than 48 hours after the booking) have contacted the representatives of Travel On Spot and provided the detailed information about the found offer: the customer provided a link to the website of the offer and indicated the price for offered services.

2) At the moment of information check, it is possible to find the indicated offer in the internet and book the indicated accommodation service. The lower price may not be offered by website / service provider whom the user contacted in order to find out the price or by specific email sent to the user, e.g. the price of other offer shall be made public and it shall be possible to check it.

3) The same booking conditions as for the service booking through Travel On Spot are applied to the found offer, e.g. the user have chosen:

  • The same accommodation establishment;
  • The same type of room, apartment or other accommodation type;
  • The same dates of check-in and check-out;
  • The same accommodation conditions (board type, booking cancellation provisions and other conditions);
  • The booking conditions in the Website allow cancelling or amending the placed booking without any charges.

The best price guarantee shall be applied to the price of booked travel indicated in booking confirmation email, including the charges the user has paid by making the booking. The guarantee shall not be applied to the charges that the users pay to any third parties, e.g., taxes directly paid to the hotel or any other service provider.

If the aforementioned conditions are not met, the user shall retain the existing booking and may cancel it under the general cancellation procedure. 

The best price shall not be guaranteed if: 

  • The booking is placed in the website that does not provide the type of accommodation establishment or unit before the completion of the booking;
  • The booking is placed by using special membership, loyalty or similar programs, or any other discounts or special promotions offered by the other website;
  • The accommodation service is booked in the other website as a part of travel package;
  • The user have contacted Travel On Spot after his check-in at the accommodation establishment.

After the confirmation of refund request, the price difference shall be refunded to the credit card or bank account of user that has been used for accommodation booking service in Website of Travel On Spot. Please note the funds shall be transferred to appropriate account within 30 calendar days or within the other payment period.

Travel On Spot shall reserve the right to amend the conditions of best price guarantee, terminate its validity or limit its conferment to any person without prior notice and without assuming any additional obligations in relation to customers in its sole discretion, at any time and for any reason. The application of best price guarantee to the specific customer shall be determined in accordance with the guarantee application conditions applicable at the time of request submission.