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Palma, Majorca
Palma, Majorca  | Spain
The planning and building of the famous Palma Cathedral commenced in 1229, but was finished only in 1601. More
Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz  | Spain
Santa Cruz de Tenerife springs to life in spring, when it hosts the world’s second-largest carnival – second only to the one in Rio de Janeiro – and the largest celebration in the whole of Spain. More
Antalya  | Turkey
As much as 65% of the fruit and vegetables grown in Antalya never leave the region due to their popularity with tourists who come here during season. More
Rhodes  | Greece
In ancient times, the island was known for the Colossus of Rhodes – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The building of this mighty, 36-metre-high monument for the god Helios took 12 years More
Barcelona  | Spain
Even though Barcelona has been recognised as the most beautiful beach city in the world, the ocean shoreline of the Catalan capital was made serviceable to people as recently as 1992, during the Olymp More
Paris  | France
The women of Paris were prohibited from wearing pants for 214 years – all the way up until 2012! More
Rome  | Italy
Around 3,000 EUR are fished out from the bottom of the Trevi Fountain every evening. This is the sum that tourists throw into it each day. All of it goes to charitable organisations. More
London  | United Kingdom
In London, more than 300 languages are spoken – more than in any other city in the world. More