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Jasmine Village Resort EGYPT, HURGHADA
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Courtyard by Marriott Tampa Downtown UNITED STATES - USA, TAMPA
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ECFA Kunming TAIWAN, Taipei
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Schoenhouse Apartments GERMANY, BERLIN
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São Paulo
São Paulo  | Brazil
São Paulo is home to large Italian, Japanese and Arab communities that contribute to its culture and cuisine. More
Plovdiv  | Bulgaria
The Old Town of Plovdiv is like an open-air museum. Traffic here is forbidden. Due to its beauty, Plovdiv is also called the city of artists. More
Batumi  | Georgia
According to statistics that came out in January 2015, in terms of population size, Batumi has for the first time overtaken Kutaisi and become the second-largest and most important city in Georgia. More
New York City
New York City  | United States of America
This megalopolis is home to over 8.5 million people – more than in any other state in the US. It’s also the 21st most-populated city in the world. More
Turin  | Italy
Having successfully flourished for almost three thousand years, this northern Italian city attracts thousands of Christian pilgrims, who come here to see the famous Shroud of Turin. More
Rhodes  | Greece
In ancient times, the island was known for the Colossus of Rhodes – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The building of this mighty, 36-metre-high monument for the god Helios took 12 years More
Antalya  | Turkey
As much as 65% of the fruit and vegetables grown in Antalya never leave the region due to their popularity with tourists who come here during season. More
Heraklion  | Greece
Famous Palace of Knossos, also known as Minotaur’s Labyrinth, is simply astounding. According to some speculation, the palace is older than even the Egyptian pyramids. More