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Hampton Inn and Suites Ocala United States, OCALA
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Mola Macedonia (FYROM), SKOPJE
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Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort United States, HONOLULU
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Delhi  | India
India’s capital Delhi has around 17 million inhabitants. The city is divided into two parts: Old Delhi, located near the River Yamuna, and New Delhi, home to the national government. More
Bergamo  | Italy
Bergamo is a town where one can enjoy a cup of best Italian coffee without the nuisance of too many tourists, treat oneself to a slice of pizza or any other staple of the Italian cuisine. More
Lima  | Peru
Today, Lima is home to almost 8 million people, or almost a third of the country’s population if we were to also include the suburbs. It is a cultural, industrial and financial centre. More
Mexico City
Mexico City  | Mexico
Mexico City, the first Spanish city in the New World, was modelled after a chess board, with the Plaza Armas, called Zocalo by the locals, situated at the centre. More
Nuremberg  | Germany
For centuries, Nuremberg had been an unproclaimed capital of the Holy Roman Empire and the seat of many German kings. Their legacy is felt even today. More
Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City  | Vietnam
Since 1867, the city was known as Saigon. In 1976, however, when North Vietnam became victorious over South Vietnam, the city was renamed in honour of the long-time Vietnamese communist leader. More
San Francisco
San Francisco  | U.S.A.
In 1906, the city was hit by a strong earthquake, called the Big One, which almost destroyed it completely. More
Lecce  | Italy
Lecce is home to about 40 churches, as many castles and villas, so a walk along its streets will keep you busy spotting graceful architectural gems. More