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In this rational and judicious country, everything is made to serve the people: quality hotels, a variety of mountain resorts, and well-maintained landmark sites.

Touristic Sweden, as it is customary in Scandinavia, doesn’t flaunt its advantages in everybody’s face. And it certainly does have quite a lot to boast: the mountains are high, and one can choose from a wide variety of both winter and summer sports and entertainment. It guarantees snow in mountain ski resorts from November to April, and its tracks are well-made and equipped with state-of-the-art lifts.

Sweden has something to satisfy every visitor’s curiosity: rich museums, architectural monuments, interesting entertainment… The little ones get even more attention – there’s a reason why Sweden is called the “kingdom of children”. Furthermore, Sweden is Volvo and Abba; it’s the characters of Astrid Lindgren, and Nobel Prize ceremonies. The main principle of Swedish life is quality in every area, and maximum comfort for each individual – both during and after work. The country, however, is certainly not one of the cheap ones.

It’s not Only Stockholm that Tourists Love

Apart from the marvellous capital, which charms people with its architectural harmony, royal palaces, Town Hall and museums, make sure to also visit other cities of the country

Here follows a list of cities everyone should see: the first Swedish capital Uppsala, the wonderful Sigtuna, which charms lovers of ancient cities with its atmosphere of frozen time, and Malmö, which surprises with its contemporary architecture. Moreover, Sweden can also be considered a country of castles. If you have time, you’d do well to visit the 400-year-old Swedish royal Gripsholm residence.

Most people also like to visit the “queen’s island” – the Drottningholm Castle, which is sometimes called a miniature Versailles. This excellent Swedish monarchs’ residence, located in the scenic Mälaren Lake, boasts an exquisite interior, its own theatre and a fantastic pavilion.

No Shortage of Entertainment!

Boat trips across little islands in the Baltic Sea are more like an adventure, rather than your usual cruise. You can choose a gastronomic, jazz, or historical theme, and more… Here you can not only travel around rugged marine bays, but also stay at one of the islands – something newlyweds are especially keen on.

Every year, for ten days in August, Stockholm hosts a traditional water festival – a favourite with tourists from all over the world! This festival is a celebration for workers, street artists and musicians. So, if you have any artistic talent, August is an excellent chance to introduce yourself.

Stockholm also offers a tour that you won’t find anywhere else in Europe. It’s a walk across the city’s rooftops. People challenge their fear of heights and, with the help of a guide, go and observe Stockholm from a bird’s-eye view.

Food Lovers’ Paradise

Many Swedes claim their country has the most catering establishments per capita in all of Europe. Here you will find cuisines for every taste, from Japanese to American and almost everything in between on the map. Fish, various types of seafood and salads with exotic herbs are especially tasty.

In October, the residents of Stockholm organise a beer festival to match the one in Munich. And in August, the city hosts the fun “kräftskiva” – a crayfish-eating festival.

Stockholm, by the way, is also home to a special café whose owner makes the sweet dishes served to guests of Nobel Prize ceremonies.

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