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The World‘s Top 5 Counties for Adventurers

5 countries for adventures
Photo taken by  5 countries for adventures

To those who see travelling as something more than a relaxing vacation at the beach, we offer 5 countries where you can have spectacular adventures, test your limits and enjoy breathtaking nature.

1. Iceland

Photo taken by  Iceland

The northern lights, hot springs and geysers, an otherworldly landscape, a unique culture and culinary traditions, and beer made from pure water... These are all that’s necessary for the most memorable Nordic vacation of your life. People say that Iceland is an adventure, rather than a destination.

2. Botswana

Photo taken by  Botswana

When choosing an adventure in Africa, most people first think of the safaris, reserves, natural environments and the ocean of South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. Botswana, however, also has much to offer, not to mention it hosts much fewer tourists than its well-marketed neighbours. The Kalahari Desert, the Okavango Delta and many other reserves are teeming with wild animals – here you can find almost 600 species of birds, 75 species of large mammals and rich and diverse flora.

3. Cuba

The sun setting over the city of Havana
Photo taken by  The sun setting over the city of Havana

As relations between Cuba and the US improve, the former is bound to slowly (or perhaps even rapidly) change its face. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience genuine Cuban traditions, culture, dances, music and food!.

4. Australia

Photo taken by  Australia

There’s a reason why Australia is considered a separate continent – you’d be hard-pressed to find more natural variety anywhere else in the world: from the Great Barrier Reef to hundreds of kilometres of barren lands; from tropical forests to golden beaches. The large, beautiful cities, fun-loving people, many species of dangerous and poisonous creatures, the old aboriginal culture, the surfer’s paradise – these are stereotypes about Australia that are hard to refute.

5. Finland

Photo taken by  Finland

Finland is the EU’s most sparsely populated country. It has enough wild nature and lakes to fill several countries. Canyon tours, fishing, berry picking and mushrooming, lakeside saunas, snow hotels, sled dogs and Santa Claus himself – this Northern European state has something to offer at any time of year.

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