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Top 5 Most Delicious Chocolate Cities in the World

Picking up some Chocolate in Brussels
Photo taken by Jim Kelly | Flickr.  Picking up some Chocolate in Brussels

Do you like chocolate and unusual sweets? Here are several travel destinations where sweetness dominates over other tastes, making chocolate lovers never want to leave. We’ve compiled a list of the world’s best cities for travellers with a sweet tooth.

1. Brussels, Belgium

Chocolate shope in Brussels
Photo taken by Newsy Preservation Paris | Flickr.  Chocolate shope in Brussels

In the heart of the city, in the Grand Place, chocolate is sold almost everywhere. It’s not undeserving that Brussels is usually called the world’s capital of chocolate – Belgian chocolate is among the most renowned in the world. A lot of small towns have their own chocolate-making traditions and recipes. The numbers are impressive – Belgium has more than 2,000 chocolate stores and 16 chocolate museums. Each Belgian eats more than 8 kilograms of the candy per year.

The Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate (Musee du Cacoa et du Chocolat) introduces to its visitors the production process and the history of chocolate. Bruges hosts the annual Chocolate Festival, which attracts the most famous Belgian chocolate producers.

2. Oaxaca, Mexico

Chocolate shop in Oaxaca, Mexico
Photo taken by 16_9clue | Flickr.  Chocolate shop in Oaxaca, Mexico

Oaxaca in the south of Mexico is also called the city of chocolate and Mexico’s culinary capital. This city is the birthplace of hot cocoa, which is usually served with cinnamon and almonds here. Almost every street in Oaxaca has something to do with chocolate – hot cocoa is prepared, chocolate bars and other products are sold.

Chocolate El Mayordomo, Oaxaca, Mexico
Photo taken by Enrique Vazquez | Flickr.  Chocolate El Mayordomo, Oaxaca, Mexico

Chocolate has always had a special place in Mexican culture, even prior to European colonization, and cocoa trees have been cultivated in Latin America for about 3,000 years. The Aztecs used chocolate as medicine, while cocoa beans were once used as currency. The chocolate and hot cocoa of those days was not sweetened. Instead, it tasted more like coffee.

3. Cologne, Germany

Cologne Chocolate Museum
Photo taken by  Cologne Chocolate Museum

Germans are some of the biggest chocolate lovers in the world, and Cologne, famous not only for its Gothic cathedral, is definitely the chocolate capital of this country. The Stollwerck chocolate factory is situated in here, as well as the Imhoff Stollwerck chocolate museum that tells the 3,000-year history of the confectionary and presents its production process.

4. Paris, France

Chocolate shope in Paris
Photo taken by Marit and Toomas Hinnosaar | Flickr.  Chocolate shope in Paris

The French like to praise their chocolate as the best in the world. There are more than 300 chocolate stores in Paris alone. However, the most famous event, centred around this delight, is the traditional Chocolate Festival, inviting chocolate lovers to Paris at the end of October. During the festival, masterpieces of chocolate producers are presented, chocolate fashion is demonstrated, and the best chocolate producers receive awards.

5. Switzerland

Chocolate shope in Switzerland
Photo taken by Kate Hopkins | Flickr.  Chocolate shope in Switzerland

Last but not least is Switzerland. It is impossible to single out just one city in a country where the consumption of chocolate reaches 12 kilos per capita! Chocolate is one of the symbols of this country in the Alps. The Swiss can rightfully be proud of inventing milk chocolate, which fundamentally changed the whole understanding of chocolate. They say that quality is what helped Swiss chocolate gain recognition. Most chocolate manufacturers organize tours around their factories (the country hosts eighteen in total), where anyone can learn about the chocolate production process. The biggest fans of the sweets should try the Swiss chocolate train route, which starts in Montreux.

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