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TOP 10 Places Not to Miss in Slovenia

Lake Bled. Lake Bled with St. Marys Church of the Assumption on the small island. Bled, Slovenia, Europe
Photo taken by  Lake Bled. Lake Bled with St. Marys Church of the Assumption on the small island. Bled, Slovenia, Europe

Slovenia is like a small gate to two worlds – Italy and the Balkans. It’s not easy for Slovenia to be located next to such neighbours, as many tourists take only a quick look and head on south. We recommend you proceed on your journey only after visiting these 10 natural and architectural beauties.

1. Lake Bled

The country’s most famous spot which attracts many tourists every year, Slovenia’s only island is located in the middle of the lake. The ancient Bled Castle, surrounded by majestic mountains, looms on a cliff above. Here you can go boating and swimming, visit the island, take a walk round the area, eat a tasty lunch and rest from the hubbub of the city.

2. Ljubljana

Sunset in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia
Photo taken by  Sunset in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia

As the capital of Slovenia is located at its heart, it’s very easy to organise day trips to other tourist attractions from there. On the other hand, there’s much to do in the city itself. To learn more about Ljubljana, click here.

3. Piran

Panoramic view of Piran, Slovenia
Photo taken by  Panoramic view of Piran, Slovenia

An old Mediterranean city located on the coast of Slovenia, Piran is full of narrow streets that give off a medieval spirit. Just a little further away you’ll see the city’s defensive walls that open up on a spectacular view of the Adriatic Sea and the city itself.

4. Triglav National Park

Triglav Lakes in Julian Alps in summer
Photo taken by  Triglav Lakes in Julian Alps in summer

The park is located in the Julian Alps and is the sole national park of Slovenia, and it’s a true paradise for mountain lovers, hikers and mountaineers. The mountain Triglav (2,864 m) is the highest point of both the park and the whole country. Climbing it will take you about 6 hours.

5. Vintgar Gorge

Waterfall Sum, Vintgar gorge, Slovenia
Photo taken by  Waterfall Sum, Vintgar gorge, Slovenia

Not far from Lake Bled you’ll find another spectacular place – the Vintgar Gorge attracts tourists with its murmuring emerald-coloured river and waterfall. The gorge is equipped with a foot path and several cafés.

6. Maribor

Maribor town, Slovenia
Photo taken by  Maribor town, Slovenia

Maribor is Slovenia’s second-largest city, located in the northeastern part of the country. Maribor has an interesting Old Town with many places that are worth a visit.

7. Postojna Cave

Postojna grotte in Slovenia
Photo taken by  Postojna grotte in Slovenia

This is a cave that’s well-known not just in Slovenia, but in the whole world. The tour round the cave begins with an adrenalin-pumping train ride. A walk around its most beautiful sites takes quite a while, so don’t forget to dress appropriately as the cave temperature is a stable 10 degrees Celsius.

8. Škocjan Caves

Ponor in rakov skocian in Slovenian Karst
Photo taken by  Ponor in rakov skocian in Slovenian Karst

These caves may not be as spectacular as those of Postojna, but they certainly are very beautiful. During the first part of the tour you’ll be walking through the Silent Cave. Here you can see all kinds of stalactites and stalagmites. The outside of the caves is very beautiful too, graced with a waterfall and the River Reka.

9. Portorož

Town Portoroz, adriatic sea, Slovenia
Photo taken by  Town Portoroz, adriatic sea, Slovenia

Portorož is sometimes called Slovenia’s Monaco, as it has many hotels and one of the country’s most popular beaches. Finding where to eat a tasty meal or drink a glass of wine is very easy here. One popular bar, located right by the beach, is called Alaya – it’s open all throughout the day, but gets really busy only in the evening. The city is surrounded with many beautiful places designed for recreation and active leisure enthusiasts.

10. Predjama Castle

Postojna castle inside the mountain
Photo taken by  Postojna castle inside the mountain

The Predjama Castle, located just 10 km from Postojna, hangs from a 100-metre-high cliff. This structural wonder, built in 13-15th centuries, impresses with its architecture and colourful history.

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Alzbeta Murphy   2 years ago
I just enjoyed reading this blog. I regularly visit your blog and every time I found & learn something different on travelling. So I want to thank the admin for putting your efforts in making this well-developed post and I’m looking forward for more post like this.
Jason Orr   1 year ago
Slovenia is looking an awesome place to visit to enjoy time around all of these mentioned places and have fun. This place is really adorable and I will plan my tour of this place after mine to have lots of fun there.
anonymous   1 year ago
I would like to spend time at Slovenia soon