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9 Interesting and Fun Facts about France

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There are many stereotypes and opinions related to France and their inhabitants. Wines, Napoleon, the French language, elegance, pomposity, elite cuisine, the Eiffel Tower, Paris… Here’s a list of 9 interesting facts that don’t match the clichés about France.

1. The reason why we hear so many stereotypes about the French people is mainly because France is the most highly visited country in the world. Every year it hosts over 80 million travellers from abroad.

2. At one time France ruled over as much as 8% of the world’s territory.

3. Today, Africa is home to more French-speaking people than France itself.

4. The country’s most famous military leader Napoleon was known for his small stature and the insecurities that arose because of it. However, after sorting out the discrepancies between the French and British units of measurement, it was found that his real height was 170 cm, which is higher than the French average. Napoleon only looked small in comparison to his mighty and tall soldiers.

The River Seine
Photo taken by  The River Seine

5. During the Second World War, when Hitler reached France, the locals cut the cable of the Eiffel Tower’s elevator so that if the Nazi leader wanted to reach the top of the city symbol, he would have to climb the stairs. Hitler ended up just taking a picture of himself by the tower, but did not climb it.

6. Between 1748 and 1772, potatoes in France were illegal. The parliament prohibited the growing of potatoes due to the conviction that they were responsible for the spread of leprosy.

7. For as many as 214 years, up until 2012, Parisian women were forbidden to wear pants!

8. The oldest bridge of Paris is curiously called Pont Neuf (the New Bridge).

9. The French government gives out awards to families who have successfully raised several children with dignity.

Comments (4)

Rafael   3 years ago
I like it
B . Akshaya   2 years ago
I dont in my life i come to france or not but really i love the whole country things and peoples
Cheese   2 years ago
Rio   2 years ago
I like it but...there’s not much facts and I was using this for a school project about France but I need only key information but well done!!