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Top 10 Things to Do on Your Trip to Warsaw

To make your trip to the capital of Poland truly memorable, we recommend a few fun things you can do while there. Warsaw has much more to offer than just tours around museums and its brilliantly looked-after Old Town.

1. The Old Town Market Place

We recommend you start your acquaintance with Warsaw by visiting the central square of the Old Town, the heart of the city. At the centre of the market square stands the Mermaid Statue (or “Pomik Sirenki” in Polish), which became the official symbol of the city in 1938.

Historic houses along Castle Square at night in the Old Town of Warsaw
Photo taken by  Historic houses along Castle Square at night in the Old Town of Warsaw

Warsaw’s Market Square is part of UNESCO. Until the 19th century it was the centre of the city’s public life. The tall, magnificent and colourful buildings of this square were built in the 17th century by wealthy city merchants.

According to legend, before the war, one of the professors at the Department of Architecture had a dream about a terrible catastrophe that was to soon sweep the city off the ground. The next morning, the agitated professor set all his work aside and ordered his students to collect whatever plans of Old Town buildings they could and draw the ones that were missing. The prophetic dream came true – Warsaw’s Old Town was completely destroyed during the Second World War. The plans that professor’s students managed to get hold of helped to rebuild the historic Old Town from the ground up.

2. The Royal Castle

Royal Palace in Warsaw
Photo taken by  Royal Palace in Warsaw

In the 14th century, in the place of the Royal Castle stood Mazovia Duke’s Castle, which was rebuilt by the Duke Sigismund III Vasa (Polish: Zygmunt III Waza) at the beginning of the 17th century. During World War II the castle was demolished, later to be rebuilt and turned into a museum, which displays, among other things, Oriental carpets, furniture and lamps. There you can also find Polish coins and banknotes, issued after 1945, and various medals. The Royal Castle is a centre for both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

3. The Multimedia Fountain Park

Near the castle and not far away from the Old Town stands a relatively new fountain, which is just as beautiful as the fountains in Barcelona, Las Vegas, and Osaka, Japan. Through its 367 openings the fountain spurts out 30 000 litres of water every minute, and is illuminated by 300 LEDs. The laser spectacles that take place here are accompanied by classical and pop music, which ranges from Polish composer and pianist Frédéric Chopin, to Lady Gaga.

As long as the weather is warm, the “Water – light – music” show of two of the park’s fountains can be seen every Friday and Saturday. The show begins at 9 PM in May and September, and at 9:30 PM in June, July and August.

4. The Copernicus Science Centre

It’s probably the most recent of Warsaw’s entertainment centres – it opened its doors just a few years ago. The objective of the centre is to arouse curiosity in its guests and to help them learn more about the world. Here you can carry out all kinds of scientific experiments, which help to illuminate how and why various natural phenomena occur. Guests of the centre can choose from hundreds of diversions, such as the poem-making machine, earthquake simulator, tornado and a flying carpet.

The Copernicus Science Centre can be found on the Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie Street. Adult tickets cost around 6 Euros, while students, children and families can get discounts.

5. The Lazienki Park

It’s a spacious, 76 ha park and palace, set up here by the Dukes of Mazovia back in the Middle Ages. The gardens of the park consist of three parts: Royal, Modern and Belvedere. The park is adorned with 18-20th century sculptures. Here you can also find the so-called “Palace on the Water” – a masterpiece of Neo-Classical architecture, which currently houses the Museum of Architecture.

The Lazienki Park is situated at the centre of the city, between the Aleje Ujazdowskie and Czerniakowska streets. During the period from May to September, you can come here to listen to Chopin’s music every Sunday from 12 AM to 4 PM near the great composer’s monument. The entrance fee depends on which objects you intend to see. Tickets to individual objects cost anywhere from one and a half to three Euros. You can also buy a day-pass for 6 Euros.

6. The Praga District

The historic heart of Warsaw – called Praga – is known for its art. A monument for the traditional music band of the neighbourhood was built here in 2006 - five musicians remind both the locals and the tourists of an integral component of the city’s courtyards – music. The nearby benches beckon one to sit down and take in the view.

Want to hear an old favourite? Or some interwar period music? No problem! Just send an SMS with the text “KAPELA” and the number of the song you want to hear to 7141 and your song will be played - a hundred available songs are listed on the drum. In tune to its musical heritage, the industrial buildings of this area were turned into art studios, theaters and clubs.

7. The Palace of Culture and Science

Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw Poland
Photo taken by  Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw Poland

While in Warsaw, don’t forget to visit the Palace of Culture and Science. This 230-meter high Soviet-style building is also called “the gift of Soviet people” to the Polish people. It’s an example of Socialist Classical architecture and also the highest building in Poland to this day. The Palace hosts various theatres, museums, and a concert hall. From the viewpoint on the 31st floor a magnificent panorama of the city can be observed. After marvelling at the sights you can go down and try some coffee with cinnamon and a piece of the legendary “Szarlotka” pie.

8. The Angel Shop on the Novy Sviat Street

Poland is famous for its piety and sometimes excessive religiosity. We recommend you to take a stroll down the Novy Sviat Street until you reach the Academy of Fine Arts, which used to be the king’s summer house in the 17th century, later to become the home of the great coposer Frédérick Chopin in the 19th century. At end of the street you should notice a large angel shop – don’t pass it by. Here you will find as many as 217 types of angels – paper angels, crystal angels, wooden angels, clay angels, metal angels and many other types of …angels. You’ll undoubtedly find at least a few which your mother or grandmother will appreciate.

9. The Museum of Cartoon Art and Caricature

Warsaw’s Museum of Cartoon Art and Caricature was founded in 1978. It is one of the first museums of its kind, founded on the initiative of the painter of satirical caricatures Eryk Lipinski. Entrance is free on Saturdays.

10. Polish restaurants and pubs

The Old Town in the City of Warsaw
Photo taken by  The Old Town in the City of Warsaw

We insist you forget about calorie-counting and try some filling traditional Polish dishes. Just find a cosy little restaurant and try the following: bigos (stew made from sauerkraut and different types of smoked meat), kotlet schabowy (pork schnitzel), pierogi (dumplings) and golabki (cabbage rolls). Also, Polish people claim bread and sausages are among the best in the world.

The most prevalent foods in Polish cuisine are sauerkraut, beetroot, pickled cucumbers, cream, kohlrabi, mushrooms, and fresh and smoked sausages. Food is usually seasoned with marjoram, dill, caraway seeds, horseradish and pepper. The most popular desserts are various pastries. A small glass of vodka not only goes well with the rich dishes, but also improves digestion.

Comments (8)

Adrienne   3 years ago
I really like visiting Warsaw, it is such an interesting, unique city! There are plenty of attractions and places to choose from, that everybody will be able to find something for themselves that they will enjoy. I enjoyed exploring the gastronomic side of the city by going to different restaurants, because I love Polish food. One of the places that I always return to is a bar in the Old Town called Bubbles. It is very cozy and casual and they specialize in champagne - my favourite drink. I hope to visit Warsaw again soon:)
Kate   3 years ago
Warsaw is in fact amazing place, in my opinion one of the most interesting European cities! I think that during a trip to Warsaw a traditional Polish dinner is a must. Their food is incredible! One of my favorite spots in Warsaw is the Akademia Restaurant - they serve delicious Polish food but combined with modern, European flavors. It is a place that I recommend to everybody!
James   2 years ago
I like to travel and to have a good time. My recent destination was Warsaw. I heard from my friends that they have great clubs and the prettiest girls, so I decided to see for myself. I visited the New Orleans club. Amazing place with unique atmosphere. That was an evening well spent. Unique memories.
Max   2 years ago  Edited
If you’re looking to throw someone a bachelor party, I recommend visiting New Orleans in Warsaw. This club has no equals in regards to anything.
Zack   2 years ago
I was at the best bachelor party ever! Poland does have the best parties! Me and my friends visited the New Orleans club. Amazing dancers of stunning beauty. I’ve never seen a striptease like this in my life. I wish everyone to have this kind of a good time. You can only have this in Warsaw!
David   1 year ago
Only the Akademia restaurant, if you live in Warsaw in Mokotów, you will not find a better one. An iconic place that deserves everyone's attention.
Max   1 year ago
A good and with tasty dishes, restaurant and at the same time not expensive, is Bubbles, they have among others black pudding, dumplings and many champagnes.
Your Name   1 year ago
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