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Top 5 Incredible Places that Could Soon Disappear

Photo taken by Travel On Spot.  

Here is a list of five places in the world that our grandchildren will probably never see. If you want to visit the Kilimanjaro glaciers, swim in the Dead Sea, fly to the Tuvalu archipelago, explore the beautiful city of Venice and enjoy a holiday in the Maldives, time is of the essence.

1. Glaciers of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Kilimanjaro With Elephant Herd
Photo taken by  Kilimanjaro With Elephant Herd

The legendary snow cap covering the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro is constantly shrinking in size – in the last century alone the area of the glacier decreased by 85%. It is even sadder that in the last decade this process has sped up – the glacier that survived a 300-year-long drought might disappear within the next twenty years. The snow cap of Mount Kilimanjaro is almost 12,000 years old.

2. The Dead Sea, the Middle East

Vacationers and tourists bathe in the Dead Sea
Photo taken by  Vacationers and tourists bathe in the Dead Sea

The lake situated in the world’s deepest trench sinks lower and lower every year. This lake, known as the Dead Sea, is famous for its saline water and therapeutic mud. The main reason for its shrinking one metre every year is the decreasing flow of the river Jordan, its primary inflow. What's more, Israel, Jordan and Syria use water from the Dead Sea for agricultural and industrial needs, which also impacts the lake. In the past decades the area of the Dead Sea has decreased by a third.

3. Tuvalu, Pacific Ocean archipelago

Photo taken by Leigh Blackall/  Tuvalu

The government of this tiny state in the Pacific Ocean has recently requested Australian leaders to help evacuate the whole country, if such a need arose. Tuvalu, home to just 10,000 people, might become the world’s first nation forced to flee their country because of global warming. During tropical storms it is flooded by high and mighty waves. They destroy the already scarce drinking water storages. According to UN reports, in 2050 Tuvalu will be completely covered by water.

4. Venice, Italy

Masks in Venice
Photo taken by  Masks in Venice

Four to five times a year water floods Venice’s main square, and experts think that this phenomenon will become more frequent in the future, as Venice is sinking by around 2 millimetres annually. It is related to the gradually rising level of the Adriatic Sea. Also, Venetian buildings are slowly sinking under their own weight. Eventually, the city’s and Italy’s government will have to take measures to save the city, otherwise Venice will end up underwater.

5. The Maldives

People on smallest island Maldives
Photo taken by  People on smallest island Maldives

The rising level of the Indian Ocean poses a direct threat to the Maldives that are already just several metres above sea level – the highest point of the archipelago is just 2.5 metres.

A third of the local people suffered from the consequences of the tsunami, the epicentre of which was just 3,000 kilometres away from the islands. Many coral reefs were flooded by water, which is why today locals are most interested in preserving them, as they protect the islands from high waves – without them the Maldives would succumb to the will of the ocean.

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