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9 places in Latvia you must visit this summer

Photo taken by Collage.  Latvia

To those planning a holiday in the Baltic countries, we recommend setting aside at least a week for Latvia. Here you‘ll find not only beaches, dense forests and clear lakes, but also fun resorts, cities with medieval ruins, and a fresh, modern style of life.

1. Rundāle Palace

Rundale Palace
Photo taken by wikimedia | Jeroen Komen.  Rundale Palace

Rundāle Palace, which lies in the plains of southern Latvia, is worth visiting if only for its unique interior and decor. The decorations were made by German sculptor Johann Michael Graff and two Italian painters who had come from St. Petersburg, Francesco Martini and Carlo Zucchi. In the grounds of the castle there is a park with rose gardens, a green amphitheatre and fountains. There is also a museum boasting much historical information and exponents.

2. Riga‘s Old Town

Photo taken by  Riga

Riga‘s Old Town is a UNESCO world heritage site and the most visited tourist attraction in Latvia. And for good reason. Here, visitors from all over Europe come not only to visit churches, museums and galleries, but also to eat delicious food and have fun in the infinite lines of bars, restaurants, cafés and night clubs in the streets. And thanks to the city’s proximity to Vilnius and Tallinn, it has become a popular place for party-goers all over the Baltic countries.

3. Jūrmala

Jurmala, Latvia
Photo taken by Flickr | Bryan Ledgard.  Jurmala, Latvia

Being the only official seaside resort in Latvia, and located just 15 minutes from Riga’s airport, it’s no surprise that Jūrmala is host to a great many tourists in the summer. On the other hand, travellers to the resort can find everything they need for a relaxing beach holiday: clean sea and air, good service and accommodation, mineral water, therapeutic mud therapies, and many other services relating to health and relaxation. What’s more, the resort is located around large pine forests, and the resort boasts unique wooden architecture.

4. Gauja National Park

Gauja National Park, Latvia
Photo taken by Flickr | Liga Eglite.  Gauja National Park, Latvia

This is the biggest and oldest national part in Latvia – many wild animals still thrive here; one’s eyes delight at the diverse landscapes and cliffs; the caves tempt one inside and rivers babble everywhere. There is much nature, cultural and historical monuments worth your attention. You can not only go hiking here, but also go fishing, canoeing, take a boat ride or a bike ride, pick fruits and even go skiing in the winter.

5. Kuldīga

Photo taken by Flickr | Karolis Dambrans.  Kuldiga

This old city reminds of Viking times. During the Middle Ages it was a centre of trade in Curonian lands, from where trade moved freely as far as Tobago and Gambia, which were Curonian colonies at the time. Now Kuldīga is a cosy town which holds many different cultural events, and is home to beautiful and interesting people. Built around the Venta River, the town received an international award for the 'Most Excellent Tourist Destination' in 2007.

6. Turaida Museum Reserve

Turaida Castle
Photo taken by Liftarn /  Turaida Castle

All of Turaida Museum Reserve's territory is rich in archaeological, architectural, historical and artistic heritage, which reflect 1000 years of Latvian history. Turaida's Stone Castle, Rose of Turaida Memorial, the church and Church Hill, Folk Song Garden, Folk Song Hill and other monuments are built over 43 ha of land, so half a day is necessary to visit the whole place at the very least. Perhaps the best time to visit is during the summer solstice, when Turaida hosts a folk song festival.

7. Cēsis

Cesis skyline
Photo taken by wikimedia | AgrisR.  Cesis skyline

This is a town where Latvian antiquity and modernism meet. It's one of Latvia's oldest towns, which served as the residence for the Livonian Order's Masters. The original medieval walls still remain to this day, and, surrounded by forests and lakes, the town has become a real tourist attraction with many cafés and restaurants. Cēsis is also the gateway to the Gauja National Park, making visiting both Latvian landmarks very convenient.

8. Liepāja

Photo taken by Flickr | Kevin Veau.  Liepaja

Liepāja is known as the city of wind. The port town, lying on the coast of the Baltic Sea, is the third-biggest city, and one of the coolest and cosiest places in the country. There are 8 kilometres of beach, which are host to many art and cultural events, one of the most interesting markets in Europe, and the city has some of the finest examples of Latvian architecture. In the summer, contemporary and pop music festivals are held here.

9. Ventspils

Photo taken by Flickr | Karlis Dambrans.  Ventspils

This is another old city in Latvia with deep-rooted traditions, and at the same time one of the most rapidly-developing. Surrounded by beautiful beaches and peppered with castles from the Livonian Order, Ventspils is becoming more and more an attractive city both to visit and to live in.

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Maccron   3 years ago  Edited
Latvia is also my most favourite one travel destination on earth. I have been there before taking the many of the times in my whole life and have a joyful time there with my family and friends. I also explored your shared all these places in my these tours. Truly your shared all these places are the best to enjoy summer holidays with friends and family members.
Jason Orr   1 year ago
Latvia is looking such a tremendous destination to visit and have a fun time. I liked all of the things to do there and have a fun time. Now I am busy in niagara falls tour which I am taking with I will be in Latvia soon.