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These regulations shall be applied to all offered services that are provided to the customers directly or through any third party, irrespective of the used devices. Please note that if by using our website (search for information, review the offers, etc.) or any other of our programs through any system (hereinafter – Website) and/or performing service orders you acknowledge your understanding and agreement to all provisions of the following regulations. We note that these regulations are updated regularly and we are entitled to amend one or more provisions of these regulations at any time.

This Website, its contents and facilities, online ordering service provided through the Website and other websites are owned, exercised and provided by AB „Novaturas“, the company registered and acting in the Republic of Lithuania, address A. Mickevičiaus str. 27, LT-44245 Kaunas, Republic of Lithuania, company code 135567698, company data is compiled and stored at State Enterprise Centre of Registers (www.kada.lt), by using the brand of Travel On Spot (hereinafter – Travel On Spot). All of our provided services are solely intended for a personal and non-commercial use. The following below mentioned regulations shall be applied to all offered and provided services.

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Provided services

Travel On Spot and our partners through this Website enable the different business entities to provide the accommodation services (hotels, motels, guesthouses, etc., hereinafter collectively referred to as accommodation establishments) and/or other service providers to promote and allow the potential customers to book their services. Travel On Spot and our partners also enable the visitors of Website to choose and book the selected services.

Please note that booking of some of your selected services through Travel On Spot shall mean the direct and legally binding transaction with the particular selected service provider (e.g., accommodation establishment). Travel On Spot acts only as an agent between the user who places the booking and accommodation establishment or other service provider: Travel On Spot forwards the booking information to specific accommodation establishment/other service provider (or other agents) and the booking confirmation email to the user/service recipient on behalf of specific service provider. Travel On Spot shall not provide any other service and be held liable for the services provided by third parties (as well as the other agents that may be invoked to submit or perform the booking).

Travel On Spot shall not collect and check the information about Travel On Spot and its services published by third parties. Travel On Spot shall only provide the information received from a particular service provider at its information channels by mediating between the user and accommodation establishment and/or other service provider. Only certain service providers shall be solely and entirely responsible for the information provided by Travel On Spot and published on the Website (service descriptions, photographs, prices, information on availability of the rooms and other information provided on the Website), as well as the accuracy, completeness and timely update of such information. Travel On Spot shall not check and guarantee that all information of third parties is accurate, complete and correct. This means inter alia that Travel On Spot shall not be held responsible for any errors (of spelling and/or other), disorders of service or information provisions, caused by the failure of Website, its update, repair or support works etc., as well as the submission of inaccurate or misleading information or failure to submit the information. Any specific service provider shall be solely and exclusively responsible for accuracy, completeness and correctness of information about its services provided by the Website and its compliance with all requirements of applicable legislation. All claims for the failure to provide information or its improper provision, actions, request to compensate the damage possibly caused to the users, etc. shall be only brought to specific service providers due to which actions or failure to act the negative or contrary to legislation consequences could result.

Travel On Spot shall not also be considered as an appropriate subject to bring the demands of refund for any delays, cancellations or route changes of booking confirmation or service provisions. Travel On Spot shall not also be responsible for the disturbance or termination of service provisions caused by strikes, weather conditions, governmental decisions and other force majeure circumstances, as well as for the cases of confirmation / selling more tickets / places than it was available and any other additional costs incurred by users / service recipients and other similar circumstances. All requests, claims, actions, complaints or appeals to the authorities authorized to resolve the disputes (on the quality of services, discrepancies between the booking and provided services, not provided / not fully provided or improperly provided services, etc.) shall be submitted to the direct service provider and based on its illegal actions / failure to act.

Website may provide the certain assessment of the services, however, this shall be considered as general recommendations based on subjective assessments of service users. Travel On Spot shall not provide the specific recommendations or guarantees of the services and services providers. Travel On Spot shall not also guarantee the accuracy of submitted assessments.

Travel On Spot services are solely intended for personal and non-commercial use. Bear in mind that it is strictly prohibited to resell, make discounts, use, copy, monitor (as well as by using "spider", "scrape", other similar systems and other methods), display, download or restore any information, software, proposals of products and services provided by the Website by commercial or competitive purposes. Performance of any aforementioned actions and/or the losses caused by such actions to Travel On Spot, damage to reputation or performance of commercial activity, as well as any other possible negative consequences shall be assessed and appealed to authorized institutions under the procedure set forth in legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, as well as demanded for the compensation for suffered damage and removal of consequences caused by illegal actions.

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Links to websites of third parties

Website may contain links to websites of third parties (accommodation and other service providers, etc.). These links are provided for users’ information and introduction purposes only. Travel On Spot does not control these websites and it shall not be held responsible for their contents or the fact that the users visit these websites and search for the information of interest. Travel On Spot shall not verify and check the accuracy, completeness or quality of information contained in such websites.

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Minor persons

Travel On Spot offered services are intended for adults (18 years old). The use of the services by persons under 18 years shall be only permitted under the legal care of parents, guardians or caregivers and their consent. Travel On Spot shall be entitled to delete the information received from persons under 18 years and cancel the bookings placed by such persons, upon receiving the information that these persons used the services without the authority of parents, guardians or caregivers.

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Large bookings

It is not allowed to book more than 10 rooms or other type of accommodation in the same accommodation establishment on the same date and/or under the same conditions. If Travel On Spot finds out that user / customer / service recipient have booked more than 10 rooms with different bookings, it shall be entitled to cancel the placed bookings and apply the cancellation fee for such user (if this is applied in specific situation). In this case, if the user has paid the non-refundable deposit, it shall be non-refunded for the user whose booking has been cancelled. If the user wishes to book 11 rooms or other type of accommodation, he/she shall contact Travel On Spot consultants and submit this request directly. This may be done over the phone or email info@travelonspot.com. After the review of request, the consultants will contact the user on the possibility to perform the desired booking for more persons. In some cases the user may also be required to enter into a written agreement and (or) pay the non-refundable deposit for bookings placed for more persons.

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Travel safety       

The traveller shall choose the direction of travel and assess all the risks associated to this option by himself. Travel On Spot encourages the customers to carefully analyse all information associated to selected travel direction, as well as the prohibitions, warnings and advices published by state authorities in their information channels. In case of doubt regarding the safety situation in particular country or region, the users may obtain the additional information by contacting the relevant authorities on publicly available contact information. The proposal to purchase the certain services shall not in any case mean that Travel On Spot acknowledges or guarantees the safety of travel to certain countries selected by the traveller. Travel On Spot shall not also be responsible for the damage that may arise by travelling to certain countries.

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Travel documents

Please note that upon arrival or registration at a hotel (or any other accommodation establishment) all the guests (including children) are often asked to provide the documents of identity (passport or personal identity card). Each traveller shall individually care of all travel documents (passports, personal identity cards, visas and so on). Travel On Spot shall not check and shall not be responsible for suitability of personal and/or travel documents, their validity, as well as the decisions taken by accommodation establishments or other services providers in respect of the customers if they fail to provide the personal documents or provide inappropriate personal documents. Travel On Spot shall also in any case be responsible for the decisions taken by migration and border officials in respect of the travellers.

Please note that when travelling to a certain countries the traveller be required a visa, special permissions and so on, as well as the minimum requirements of passport or personal identity card validity may be applied. Please inquire about the specific applicable requirements in a particular country before your travel.

Please note that it is recommended to acquire the insurance of medical expenses, accidents and/or other cases when travelling to foreign countries. The customer shall be fully responsible for the risk of insurance, e.g. he shall decide whether to acquire the insurance and what type of insurance to acquire by himself.

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The price of the services booked by the customer shall be the same as indicated in Website, excluding the cases of obvious errors. The price of services may be changed at any time; however, the performed changes shall not affect the booking placed before the change. Despite all reasonable efforts of Travel On Spot to avoid this, some prices of travel booking services in the Website may be wrong. For this reason, Travel On Spot shall reserve the right to edit the price errors or inaccuracies found in the Website and/or pending bookings placed by the wrong prices. In this case, if possible, the customers shall be able to save the placed booking at correct price or cancel the booking without any cancellation fees. Travel On Spot shall not be responsible to provide the booked services for the wrong (lower) price even in the cases when booking confirmation has been sent to the customer / received by the customer.

All prices of accommodation establishment services on Travel On Spot Website are indicated for accommodation unit (room, apartments etc.) for the entire stay, including VAT and any other taxes, unless the Website or confirmation email sent to the customer specifies otherwise. Please note that the price of offered services may be changed in case of changes of taxes affecting the pricing of services. Please also note that the accommodation service price does not usually include the supplementary services provided in the specific accommodation establishment (for example, mini bar, laundering, SPA, sports, sunbeds and sunshades, towels by the pool/sea, safe, air conditioning and similar services). These services may be charged additionally in accordance with the prices determined by the specific accommodation establishment.

In some cases, the Website may offer the proposals for specific stays to purchase the certain services at lower prices, however these prices provided by accommodation establishments may have the specific conditions, requirements and limitations, such as cancellation, refund, payment, etc. The users are advised to carefully review all information about intended to book accommodation unit, its price and other conditions of booking or refund before the booking.

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Best price guarantee

Travel On Spot endeavours to offer its customers the lowest possible price for accommodation and other services. In case if the customers who have booked the accommodation unit through Website would find the similar services at the same booking conditions but at lower than our offered price in other website, Travel On Spot will cover the difference between our offered price and lower price of similar accommodation services found by the customer under the conditions set forth below.

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Conditions of best price guarantee

We assure that we offer the best possible price of accommodation unit at the time of its booking.

If the customers find the same-booked accommodation service at a lower price in another website, they may immediately contact the call centre of Travel On Spot. In this case, the customers will be offered to purchase the selected services at the same price if they fulfil the below mentioned conditions:

1) The customer immediately after the booking placement (no later than 48 hours after the booking) have contacted the representatives of Travel On Spot and provided the detailed information about the found offer: the customer provided a link to the website of the offer and indicated the price for offered services.

2) At the moment of information check, it is possible to find the indicated offer in the internet and book the indicated accommodation service. The lower price may not be offered by website / service provider whom the user contacted in order to find out the price or by specific email sent to the user, e.g. the price of other offer shall be made public and it shall be possible to check it.

3) The same booking conditions as for the service booking through Travel On Spot are applied to the found offer, e.g. the user have chosen:

  • The same accommodation establishment;
  • The same type of room, apartment or other accommodation type;
  • The same dates of check-in and check-out;
  • The same accommodation conditions (board type, booking cancellation provisions and other conditions);
  • The booking conditions in the Website allow cancelling or amending the placed booking without any charges.

The best price guarantee shall be applied to the price of booked travel indicated in booking confirmation email, including the charges the user has paid by making the booking. The guarantee shall not be applied to the charges that the users pay to any third parties, e.g., taxes directly paid to the hotel or any other service provider.

If the aforementioned conditions are not met, the user shall retain the existing booking and may cancel it under the general cancellation procedure. 

The best price shall not be guaranteed if: 

  • The booking is placed in the website that does not provide the type of accommodation establishment or unit before the completion of the booking;
  • The booking is placed by using special membership, loyalty or similar programs, or any other discounts or special promotions offered by the other website;
  • The accommodation service is booked in the other website as a part of travel package;
  • The user have contacted Travel On Spot after his check-in at the accommodation establishment.

After the confirmation of refund request, the price difference shall be refunded to the credit card or bank account of user that has been used for accommodation booking service in Website of Travel On Spot. Please note the funds shall be transferred to appropriate account within 30 calendar days or within the other payment period.

Travel On Spot shall reserve the right to amend the conditions of best price guarantee, terminate its validity or limit its conferment to any person without prior notice and without assuming any additional obligations in relation to customers in its sole discretion, at any time and for any reason. The application of best price guarantee to the specific customer shall be determined in accordance with the guarantee application conditions applicable at the time of request submission.

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Service fee

Travel On Spot services are free. During the service provision we do not apply any additional (booking, brokerage) charges possibly increasing the price of accommodation unit booking.

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Payment by credit card or bank transfer

In accordance with the payment conditions determined by specific accommodation service provider (usually accommodation service providers offer to purchase the services for which the partial or full payment is non-refundable) the payment during the booking is placed by secure online payment (offered and supported by the user‘s bank) to Travel On Spot. The payment is securely handled through the third party intermediaries and made directly from credit / debit card or bank account of the user to Novaturas account.

Please carefully read the information about the accommodation unit and booking, payment and non-refundable payment conditions before the booking.

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Currency exchange

The currency exchange instrument at the Travel On Spot Website is provided for informational purposes only. It is not fully accurate and information is not updated in real time. The currency rates of the instrument may be different from the current rates.

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Cancellation and no-show

By booking the accommodation unit in accommodation establishment the users agree with the applicable cancellation and no-show rules of the booked accommodation establishment services and all additional conditions valid at the moment of booking or stay including the services and/or products offered by accommodation establishment (the terms and conditions applied by accommodation establishment may be obtained from a specific accommodation establishment; it is also possible to read them prior to booking). The general conditions of cancellation and no-show are provided at the Website, information and promotional websites of accommodation establishments and booking confirmation email. Please note that in some cases when accommodation services are booked at the special prices and offers, it is not allowed to cancel or amend the bookings. The users are recommended to carefully read all information about the accommodation unit and cancellation or no-show conditions before the booking. We also note that in accordance with the conditions of accommodation establishment and booking the orders that require to make the initial deposit or (partial or full) payment may be cancelled (without the prior notice), if the required (remaining) amount is not paid by the due date. Late payment, incorrect information of the bank, debit / credit cards, invalid debit / credit cards or insufficient amount of funds are the exclusive responsibility of the user. Therefore, in such cases, the users shall not be entitled to a refund of non-refundable payment, excluding the specific cases when the accommodation establishment agree to allow the user to operate beyond its established payment conditions.

In order to review, amend or cancel the booking, users shall follow the instructions specified in booking email. Please note that the users may be required to pay for the booking cancellation in accordance with cancellation, (advanced) payment or no-show conditions of accommodation establishments and the users shall not be entitled to remuneration of (advanced) payment. We recommend the users to carefully read cancellation, (advanced) payment or no-show conditions of accommodation establishments before the booking and timely make all payments for specific booking.

No-show of the customer to the booked place of accommodation shall be considered as cancellation of the booking.

After the reservation the amendments (duration of the stay, additionally ordered services, amendments of customer names, surnames etc.) shall not be allowed, excluding the cases if accomodation description or booking confirmation indicates otherwise. Any amendments shall be considered as the cancellation of the booking. Amendments associated to the extension of stay are only allowed if this is possible; in this case, the price of booked services shall be recalculated.

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Accommodation features and procedure  


Neither globally, nor in the European Union there is a single classification system or standard for accommodation establishment. Therefore, the standards of the similar hotel categories may differ depending on the country. The hotel category depends on room size, its installation, service level, amount of provided services etc. The requirements for the category and their interpretation may differ in every country. For instance, 5* category hotel in one country may not necessarily be the same quality as the hotel of same category in other country.

Official category of hotel or apartments is indicated in the description of every hotel or apartments. If the official category is not indicated, this means the hotel or apartment applied to the competent authorities to get an official category; therefore, it does not currently have an official category in a foreign country. There may also be the case that categories of hotels or apartments in specific country are not mandatory. Please note that in many countries (Spain and so on) category of hotel of apartments may be indicated by letters or keys. It is sought to use the unified system of hotel classification, however, part of the hotels or apartments may still use letters or keys for classification.

For the convenience of customers, Travel On Spot may also provide the assessments of accommodation establishments based on subjective evaluations and feedback. Such assessment is biased and it only helps to aim the customer orientate and select the desired hotel. Such assessment shall not be identified with the official hotel category in the country.

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Hotel night

The beginning of hotel night on the arrival day is 2 PM – 6 PM; the end of hotel night on the leaving day is 10 AM – 12 PM. On the last travel day the hotel room shall be left until 10 AM - 12 PM. Hotel management team will inform you about the exact conditions of checkout. After leaving the room, you can leave the baggage at the hotel luggage storage or dedicated room. If possible, the hotel administration may accommodate the guests earlier or extend the leaving time. For this service, the customer usually has to pay an additional fee determined by hotel administration.

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In a hotel there could be double, single rooms, apartments (hotel room with separate living and sleeping areas, it may also be equipped with a kitchen; an apartment may sometimes consist of few transient rooms, such as the bedroom and living room), studios (one room with a small hall, it may also be equipped with the kitchen) and other types of accommodation.

Please note that one double or two twin beds may be in a standard double room, depending on the hotel interior. Usually there are no triple rooms in the hotels. If the place for third or fourth person is booked, the double room may be usually supplemented by folding bed, sofa or folding chair. Even if the hotel room type is shown as triple, the third person may sleep in additional bed, sofa or folding chair. Some hotels may lease the baby cot (usually the customer has to pay for it in a hotel). Please note that in some hotel rooms accommodating 3 or 4 persons (2 adults and 1 or 2 children), the first and/or second child may not be given a separate bed or the bed may be placed at an extra charge.

The room area in a hotel description usually includes the bedroom, bathroom and balcony or terrace.

Some hotels offer lower type of rooms called Eco, Economy and so on. The room of this type is the lowest type of rooms in a hotel with a fewer amenities than a standard type of room. An exact room description is provided in the description of specific hotel. It is recommended to book Eco or Economy rooms for unpretentious guests. The number of such rooms may be limited.

The hotel administration at its discretion accommodates the guests on the day of arrival in the booked type of rooms. Seaside, poolside, garden side etc. rooms are provided by the hotels by the additional surcharge paid by the customer. Otherwise, such request may only be satisfied if possible. The concept „Sea side“ shall not necessarily mean the geographical position of the room in relation to the sea (that does not mean „sea view“). Usually there is no direct view to the sea in such rooms (room windows face the sea at an angle); buildings or plants may obstruct sea view.

Some hotels, apartments or studios may require to pay the deposit of the amount (by credit card or cash – depending on hotel rules) fixed by hotel, apartments or studios, which shall be refunded on the leaving day if there is no damage to inventory of hotel, apartments or studios.

The requests to stay in the specific floor of the hotel, adjoining rooms etc. shall be considered as the additional desires of the customer, which do not bind Travel On Spot and hotel. They may be satisfied only if possible. All your requests in English shall be indicated during the booking.

Please note that local municipalities of the resorts may at any time introduce the so-called pillow, tourist, ecological taxes or other charges that may be required to pay at the spot, e.g. during the check-in at a hotel or any other time. Travel On Spot shall not be responsible for the decisions taken by local municipalities or state authorities.

Please also note about the cases when accommodation establishments (hotels) change their name or trademark. The change of name or trademark shall not be considered as amendment of your booking.

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During the housekeeping the floors are cleaned, the carpeting is vacuumed, bathroom and toilet are cleaned up, rubbish is taken away and the beds are made. The rooms of higher category hotels are cleaned every day and the rooms of lower category hotels – 1 or 2 times per week.

Bed linen and towels are changed 1–2 times per week. If the customer uses kitchen, he shall take care of its cleanliness.

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The exact board type is indicated in hotel description. The meals are served at the hotel restaurant during limited hours. If the customers leaving the hotel early in the morning or returning to hotel late in the evening wish to receive meals at different time, in some cases (at the hotel administration procedure) there is a possibility (sometimes for an extra charge) to have the early breakfast or late dinner food packages.

The usual type of board is „buffet“ (self-service or served by hotel staff). Sometimes the guest has to choose the main course of a few offered.

The hotel administration determines the catering services provision procedure, time and place of catering, variety of meals and beverages, depending on the specifics of the country, hotel category etc. The food and beverages at the hotel restaurants, cafes and bars listed in hotel description shall be served at the procedure determined by hotel administration and paid in accordance to the ordered type of catering. At the decision of hotel administration some beverages and meals may be offered for additional charge, even if the catering at hotel is „all inclusive“ or „all inclusive +”. Please also note that the amount of drinks, their place and time of supply may be limited even if the catering type „all inclusive“ or „all inclusive +” is booked. Hotel staff provide information on such beverages, meals and their prices.

Usually it is not allowed to keep and prepare the food in hotel rooms without a kitchen. In a hotels where customer find coffee or tea in a room on the arrival date or it is allowed to prepare the drinks (indicated in hotel description) the resources of these beverages are usually not supplemented.

Please note the clothing during the dinner shall meet the hotel category.

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Hotel administration shall determine the frequency of entertainment events and their procedure. Usually there are less entertainment events or other provided services at the hotel at the beginning or at the end of tourist season.

It is not always possible to list all services provided in a hotel or extra paid services in a hotel description. Please ask the hotel administration to provide the information on provided paid and free services. Often the amount of paid and free services may differ during the season.

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Noise and maintenance

Many offered hotels are in the close proximities of restaurants, cafes and discos. Entertainment events in many hotels often last until late during the tourist season. The traffic sometimes enhances the noise. In hotels close to the airport, the guests may hear the noise of taking off and landing planes. Hotel administration shall not be responsible for the noise outside the hotel. If you wish to stay quiet, we advise to carefully read the descriptions of hotels or inquire more and select the hotel in quiet place, further away from the noisy entertainment. In some periods maintenance and repair works can take place at the accommodation units, which can also cause noise. Information about such maintenance and repair works can be provided to the client if he addresses the concrete chosen accommodation unit, Travel on Spot publishes such information only in case services providers inform Travel on Spot about such works. Travel on Spot does not take responsibility for decisions to carry out maintenance and repair works in the accommodation units taken by the administration of services providers, duration of such works and possible inconveniences caused to the clients due to such works.


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If you think your booked services were not provided or provided improperly, the claim shall be made in writing to hotel administration during your stay, because the disagreements are likely to be resolved and eliminated on the spot. If you make a claim after your stay, there will be no time to deal with the issue. If the guest does not make a claim in writing during his stay, he will lose his right to claim for remuneration. If the disagreements are not solved during the stay, you can make a direct claim to accommodation establishment in writing within 15 business days after the end of your stay. Please provide the copies of tourism services provision agreement with the claim. You may also send the claims through Travel On Spot: info@travelonspot.com – your claims shall be immediately sent to direct service provider.

Travel On Spot shall not be responsible for force majeure circumstances that could not be avoided during the stay. We do not accept the claims for services not included to description of specific services.

Your selected hotel may accommodate the guests in the other hotel of the same or higher category, if there is no possibility to accommodate the guests in formerly booked hotel. In this case, the customer cannot claim for remuneration.

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Limitation of liability 

In accordance with these regulations and provisions of legislation, Travel On Spot may be held responsible only for the direct damage or loss possibly incurred to the users for the default / improper performance associated with the services provided by Travel On Spot. The compensated amount of damages shall be limited to amount of specific user booking indicated in booking confirmation email (in case of one or more related events).

Travel On Spot, Travel On Spot representatives, branches, companies cooperating with Travel On Spot, distributors, websites cooperating with Travel On Spot, licence owners, agents or other entities associated to the development and promotion of Website shall not in any case be held responsible for:

(a) any indirect losses, operation failures, loss of profit or income, loss of contracts, damage to reputation or image,

(b) any inaccuracies of accommodation establishment / services description information provided in the Website (including the prices, photos, availability and assessments),

(c) services and products provided by accommodation establishments / other service providers,

(d) any direct and/or indirect losses the users could suffer due to use of Website, inability to use the Website or delays (of information, price changes, booking confirmation etc.), or

(e) any personal injury, death, damage to property and costs of legal proceedings, failure to comply with the rules, intentional and negligent offenses, information insufficiency, omission, incorrect information, violations or actions of civil law for which the accommodation establishment (its staff, managers, agents, representatives or companies cooperating with establishment) is responsible, including any (full or partial) cancellations, lack of accommodation units, strikes, force majeure circumstance or any other events to which Travel On Spot did not have direct and/or indirect impact.

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Intellectual property rights

Software required to provide the services of Travel On Spot, available or used by the Website and intellectual property rights (including the copyrights) to the contents and information of the Website belong to Travel On Spot and its suppliers, unless otherwise specified.

Travel On Spot by exclusive ownership owns all rights to the Website which provide and/or make available the services (including customers feedback and their translated contents), names and interests (all intellectual property rights) (of design and facilities). Users or any other third parties shall not be entitled to copy, link or use (hyper- or other) links, publish, promote, sell, integrate, use, combine or otherwise use the contents of the Website (including all translations and customer feedback) or Travel On Spot trademark without the prior written consent of its owners. Any violation of the aforementioned rights, abuse, or any other indicated or similar action (including the copyrights and rights to databases) shall constitute the substantial violation of intellectual property rights.

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Privacy policy

Travel On Spot appreciates the customers‘ trust and protect the entrusted personal data. These regularly updated regulations contains the information about how Travel On Spot use and process the personal data and cookies. The users may contact Travel On Spot by indicated contact information and inquire for additional information about the personal data protection.

The services of accommodation establishment / other services offered by Travel On Spot may be booked over the internet in Website, using mobile phone application (from the moment of their installation), as well as in the websites and social networks of our partners. The following information shall be applied to all listed sources.

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Supplementary correspondence 

During the service bookings through Travel On Spot the users acknowledge they agree to receive: (a) information about booking confirmation and (b) email by which Travel On Spot asks the user to complete the hotel assessment form after the user‘s stay.

The further methods of users‘ contact are explained below.

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Which personal data Travel On Spot uses? 

During the booking procedure the users are asked to specify the name and surname, sex, date of birth, address, phone number, email address, payment card details, names, surnames, dates of birth of accompanying persons, personal contact information and travel options.

In order to easily manage their orders, the users may create their own accounts where they could save their personal options, view the previous bookings and manage the future bookings.

Some data may be collected during the browsing in Website, even if there is no specific booking placed: IP address, used browser, information on computer operative system, program versions, language settings and visited pages of Website. The data may be also collected by using the mobile devices; these data allow to identify the type of mobile device, its settings, geographical (longitude and latitude) coordinates.

User information may also be collected during their browsing in social networks.

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Responsibility to provide the correct data

The user shall ensure and be responsible for the correctness and accurateness of information provided during the Website use. It is strictly forbidden to make false or fraudulent bookings. Travel reservation services offered in the Website may only be used during the legitimate bookings or purchases for you and other persons on whose behalf the person who places the booking is entitled to act. If the user performs various types of suspicious activity by cheating or abusing the travel booking services offered in the Website, Travel On Spot may cancel all or part of the bookings related to the name, email address or account of such user or cancel all Travel On Spot accounts of such user. If the user performs fraudulent activity, Travel On Spot shall be entitled to take all necessary legal actions. The user who performed the fraudulent actions in this case shall be responsible for monetary damages incurred to Travel On Spot, including the litigation costs and any other resulting damage.

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The purposes for which Travel On Spot requires personal data of the users

Booking administration. Personal data of the users are used to administer the internet bookings. Obtained data of the users are also transferred to the booked accommodation establishment and/or other service providers.

Customer service and support. In order to ensure the users will be provided with all necessary support, e.g. to find a suitable accommodation establishment or answer the questions related to the booking, personal data of the users is available to Travel On Spot customer service team.

Feedback on provided services. Contact information of the users may be used for sending the requests to provide the feedback on provided services.

Service quality improvement. The personal data of the users may also be used during the research that may improve the quality of provided services and customer service.

Marketing. The personal data of the users may be used for marketing purposes that do not contradict to legislative provisions. For instance, if the user places a booking or creates an account, his personal information may be used for sending the news or information about travel-related products or services. Travel On Spot regularly sends newsletters to its customers. The customers are allowed to unsubscribe them at any time. The service offers adapted to a specific user according to the provided information may be displayed based on user information during their browsing in Travel On Spot Website, using mobile applications or browsing in the websites or social networks of third parties.

Market research. Travel On Spot customers may be asked to participate in market research. Any additional data of the users provided during the participation in market research shall be used only with the consent of the users.

Other communication. In some case, Travel On Spot may contact the users by email, post, phone or short message. This may be done for various reasons: to respond to user inquiries or performing their requests; to send the reminder to complete the booking if the user has not completed to place it; to send the questionnaires asking to assess the services provided by Travel On Spot, etc.

Fraud and preventive measures. Personal data may be used in order to detect and prevent the fraud or other criminal, improper or undesirable actions.

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Use of social networks

The social networks are used (for instance, direct connections to the social channels is installed in Travel On Spot Website) during the promotion of accommodation establishments and their provided services, as well as promotion and development of services provided by Travel On Spot. If the user clicks on any of social networks buttons in Travel On Spot Website and logins with existing accounts, information will become available to social network supplier. This information may be showed in user‘s social network profile and visible to the other members of network.

In addition to social networks buttons, Travel On Spot has its accounts in social networks where it offers social applications (from the moment of their installation). These services allow the users to share their data with Travel On Spot. Once registered as the application user, it is possible to find out which data were shared with Travel On Spot. The information chosen to share by the user may consist of information viewed in social profile, email address, status changes and friends list. This allows adapting the Website to the users‘ needs and improving the quality of provided services

Users may also be allowed to login to Travel On Spot system by using the available social networks accounts. The social networks providers and administrators may provide more information about processing of such cases and use of personal data.

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User data sharing with third parties

In some cases, personal data of the users may be entrusted to third parties. 

Accommodation establishments / other service providers. In order to perform the placed booking it is necessary to transfer the user‘s data to accommodation establishment or other service provider. The transferred data consist of user name and surname, contact and payment related information, name and surnames of accompanying persons and wishes indicated during the booking.

Third parties. Travel On Spot may use the third parties to process the personal data for the above mentioned purposes (for instance, during the forwarding of booking information to accommodation establishment or requesting the third parties to contact the customers; Travel On Spot may cooperate with third parties providing the payment services; third parties may be used for information analysis etc.). The activity of all third parties which services are used during the performance of Travel On Spot activities is limited by confidentiality agreements in accordance to which the personal information of the users may not be used for other than agreed purposes.

Business partners. In order to publish the information about accommodation establishments and other services offered in the Website and mobile applications, Travel On Spot cooperates with partner websites in the whole world. During the booking placement in one of the partner‘s websites certain information of the user is also transferred to Travel On Spot. In the same way Travel On Spot may transfer the available data to its business partner, for instance, during the management of user‘s account or booking, in order to respond to inquiries or for marketing purposes. In this case, the personal data are managed in accordance with the regulations of data and privacy preservation of specific business partners.

State authorities. If this is provided in applicable provisions of national, European Union and international legislation, personal data of the users may be transferred to state, municipality authorities or other authorized agencies.

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Use of mobile devices

Travel On Spot will offer the users free applications applicable with many mobile devices. The applications will collect and process the personal data in the same way as in the Website. In addition, the applications will offer the location settings service allowing the users to find the nearby accommodation establishments.

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Guest feedback

After the stay in any of selected and booked accommodation establishments in the Website, Travel On Spot ask the users to give the feedback on accommodation establishment, provided services, neighbourhood and location. If the user does not wish to indicate his name to the given feedback, the comment may be placed by indicating the nickname or anonymously. In order to inform the other travellers and after the feedback is given the user agrees to view it in information page of respective accommodation establishment in the Website, mobile applications, social network accounts or social network applications, website of respective accommodation establishment or the websites of our business partners.
Feedback of the users may also be used for marketing purposes, sales promotion or improvement of service quality at discretion of Travel On Spot. Feedback may also be placed in the Website or other social media channels: newsletters, advertisements, applications and other channels owned, used or managed by Travel On Spot. Travel On Spot shall be entitled to reject or cancel certain feedback at its discretion.
If the user indicates that any guest feedback was useful or was not useful, this information may also be used in combination with other user‘s information when sorting or identifying the submission order of guest feedback.

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What is this? 

Cookie is a small amount of data placed in user‘s computer by the Website

Why does Website need cookies? 

Internet websites does not have a memory. If the user browses different webpages, he will not be recognized as the same user. Cookies enable the website to recognize the used browser. Therefore, the main purpose of cookies is to remember the options (website language, currency, etc.). Cookies also help to identify the same user of the website.

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Use of cookies

Website uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies: in order to provide the customers with innovative and user-friendly website, Travel On Spot uses technical cookies allowing seeing the Website and ensures its proper functioning. The user may login to available account and manage their bookings. Website functions properly only due to the technical cookies.

Functional cookies: they allow remembering the user options and using the Website more efficiently. Thanks to these cookies, the Website remembers the previously selected language, currency, searches or viewed accommodation establishments. The cookies of this type are not necessary for the functioning of Website, but they make the browsing more convenient.

Analytical cookies: the cookies of this type are used to better understand how visitors use the Website and improve the functioning of Website. The collected data include the websites viewed by the users, the related websites from which the users came to Website or where they have left, type of used platform, date and time information, numbers of clicks, mouse movement and browsing activity, key words and other text typed during the browsing in the Website. Analytical cookies are also used for online promotion campaigns, in order to analyse the users’ behaviour after they have been showed the online advertisement, including the advertisements viewed in the websites of third parties. In this case, an anonymous information is collected.

Commercial cookies: the cookies of this type are used to place Travel On Spot advertisements in other websites. So-called „directing advertisements“ are shown based on the information about travel directions searched by the users, reviewed accommodation establishments and shown prices.

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Lifetime of cookies

Cookies have different lifetime cycles. The longest lifetime of some cookies is 5 years from the last visit of Website. All cookies may be deleted from user‘s browser at any time.

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Cookies of third parties

Travel On Spot uses the services of reliable and acknowledged online advertising and marketing companies. Travel On Spot may also use the suppliers of third parties for analytical purposes. For these purposes, it is necessary to place the cookies of third parties.

Suppliers which services are used by Travel On Spot are obliged to inform the customers about their activity and apply the high standards of responsible business and data management.

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Use of Travel On Spot cookies information

Travel On Spot may only use Travel On Spot cookies. Third parties shall control the cookies placed by third parties.

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Change of cookies options

By using the settings of browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome), the users may select the permitted and prohibited cookies. The location of settings in browser menu depends on specific type of browser. It is possible to find the settings through „Help“ function.

If the user selects to prevent the operation of some cookies, some functions of Website may not operate. The refusal of online advertising shall not mean that the user will no longer see the online advertising or user data will not be used for advertising or marketing research performance. Such refusal shall mean that the networks which services have been refused will no longer view the advertisements adapted in accordance with the user‘s browser settings and browsing features.

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Web bugs

Travel On Spot uses the web bugs. A web bug is a small graphic image of one pixel accessing the computer as part of the website or as HTML electronic message. These images directly or through other services providers are used as online advertising or helping to find out whether the user viewing the advertisement places a booking, monitor the conversion of partner websites, analyse customer movement and optimize the offered services.

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Applied security measures

In accordance with European Law on Data protection Travel On Spot applies the special measures preventing from unauthorized access to personal data or their unauthorised use.

Travel On Spot applies the business procedures, security systems, technical and physical measures limiting the access to date and their use in existing servers and allowing protecting the users‘ personal data.

Credit card information required for booking placement shall be stored no longer than 10 days. Subsequently this information is permanently removed from Travel On Spot systems or shall be stored for the prevention of offenses only. The specified rule shall not be valid if the user chooses to store the credit card information in his personal account.

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Control of Travel On Spot provided personal data

The user shall be entitled to review his personal information held by Travel On Spot. This may be done by sending the inquiry by email info@travelonspot.com, specifying „Information on personal data“ in the email subject and attaching the copy of passport / personal identity card, in order to prevent from unauthorised inquiries and information provision.

If the user data is wrong or out of date, it may be renewed upon the user‘s request. If the user requests he may also be removed from Travel On Spot customers database. In this case, the request shall be sent by email address info@travelonspot.com, specifying „Request to remove the personal data“ in the email subject. Some information shall be required to store for administrative purposes (e.g., prevention of offences etc.).

The user may delete the account in Travel On Spot Website at any time, by logging to the account and selecting to delete it.

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Other information

These regulations and service provision are regulated and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and other legislation. Any disputes arising due to these regulations or service provision shall be resolved by negotiations between the parties. If the parties fail to resolve these disagreements peacefully, dispute resolution shall be assigned to the Courts of the Republic of Lithuania.

Original Lithuanian version of these regulations may be translated to other languages. In case of conflict to the content of these regulations or its interpretation, as well as discrepancies between the text translated to any foreign language and original Lithuanian version, the original Lithuanian version of these regulations shall be followed. Lithuanian version is available in the Website or it may be sent directly to the customer upon his written request.

If any part of these regulations is considered or for any reason becomes invalid, the remaining parts shall remain in force and compliance to them shall be strictly binding.

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Our details

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Email: info@travelonspot.com 

Information updated on 31st March, 2016


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