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Toronto  | Canada
According to statistics, over half the city’s population is not Canadian. Toronto has people of over 100 nationalities. More
Hong Kong
Hong Kong  | China
Hong Kong is true paradise for those who love to shop – again, the favourable tax system, the plethora of shopping centres and the vast supply of goods had made this place a true consumption paradise. More
Singapore  | Singapore
Due to the large number of security cameras and severe punishments for a variety of crimes, walking the streets is safe both during the day and at night. More
Hanoi  | Vietnam
Hanoi, a city in North Vietnam, has been its capital for almost a thousand years now, since the 11th century AD. This Asian city is distinguished by its unusual cultural mix. More
Tokyo  | Japan
Festivals are an integral part of Japanese culture, there’s never a shortage of things to do here. Different festivals take place year-round. More
Los Angeles
Los Angeles  | U.S.A.
The entire city is very multicultural, being home to people from more than 140 countries that speak 224 languages. More
Chicago  | U.S.A.
This was the first city in the world to build skyscrapers. Chicago has more than 200 buildings over 100 metres in height. More
Reykjavík  | Iceland
Today’s Reykjavík is home to people from at least 100 different countries. Poles, Lithuanians and Danes comprise the largest ethnic groups here. More