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Delhi  | India
India’s capital Delhi has around 17 million inhabitants. The city is divided into two parts: Old Delhi, located near the River Yamuna, and New Delhi, home to the national government. More
Lima  | Peru
Today, Lima is home to almost 8 million people, or almost a third of the country’s population if we were to also include the suburbs. It is a cultural, industrial and financial centre. More
Mexico City
Mexico City  | Mexico
Mexico City, the first Spanish city in the New World, was modelled after a chess board, with the Plaza Armas, called Zocalo by the locals, situated at the centre. More
Ho Chi Minh City
Ho Chi Minh City  | Vietnam
Since 1867, the city was known as Saigon. In 1976, however, when North Vietnam became victorious over South Vietnam, the city was renamed in honour of the long-time Vietnamese communist leader. More
San Francisco
San Francisco  | U.S.A.
In 1906, the city was hit by a strong earthquake, called the Big One, which almost destroyed it completely. More
Vancouver  | Canada
Vancouver is set to become the world’s greenest and most environmentally-friendly city by 2020. More
Toronto  | Canada
According to statistics, over half the city’s population is not Canadian. Toronto has people of over 100 nationalities. More
Hong Kong
Hong Kong  | China
Hong Kong is true paradise for those who love to shop – again, the favourable tax system, the plethora of shopping centres and the vast supply of goods had made this place a true consumption paradise. More