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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Georgia, the Pearl of Caucasus

Men in traditional clothes
Photo taken by  Men in traditional clothes

Georgia is becoming a popular travel destination. The country is known not only for its dances, songs, wines and shish kebab. Travel on Spot gathered ten short and interesting facts about this mountainous country that will spice up your journey.

1. Georgia is called Sakartvelo in Georgian. The name Georgia originated from the Persian name Gurcistan, which means “land of the wolves”.

2. The oldest piece of thread (dating back 34,000 years) was discovered in Georgia.

3. Georgia is also home to the oldest river-gold artefacts. It turns out that the ancient Colchis, ancestors of modern Georgians, were in the gold trade.

4. The first Europeans probably originated in Georgia. This hypothesis is supported by archaeological findings in East Georgia, where the oldest remains of Europeans were discovered. The species bears the name of Homo Georgicus.

Antique cave city Uplistsikhe, Georgia
Photo taken by  Antique cave city Uplistsikhe, Georgia

5. The Father of both the American and modern ballet George Balanchine was a Georgian émigré.

6. The highest mountain in Georgia is Shkhara, rising to 5,068 metres at its highest peak. The village of Ushguli is situated at the foot of the mountain; it is the highest permanently-inhabited village in Europe, located at an altitude of 2,100 metres.

Ushguli village Caucasus, Upper Svaneti
Photo taken by  Ushguli village Caucasus, Upper Svaneti

7. In 1976, NASA sent a record of the Georgian song “Chakrulo” as an example of the earthlings’ musical talent.

8. Georgia is the motherland of wine. This beverage has been made here for several thousands of years, as seen from the archaeological findings in clay jugs (remains of grape seeds and the wine oxidation process, imprinted in clay). Some claim that the word “wine” comes from the Georgian “ghvino”.

Young Wine Festival in the Ethnographic Museum in Tbilis
Photo taken by  Young Wine Festival in the Ethnographic Museum in Tbilis

9. Abkhazia, the region currently under Russian military occupation, is home to the deepest cave on Earth – the Voronja Cave, also called the Underground Everest, which is 2,191 metres deep.

10. The Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi, the Gelati Monastery, the historical monuments of Mtskheta and Upper Svaneti are all protected by UNESCO as part of its World Heritage Site project.

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