Cookie policy

What is this?

Cookie is a small amount of data placed in user‘s computer by the Website. 

Why does Website need cookies? 

Internet websites does not have a memory. If the user browses different webpages, he will not be recognized as the same user. Cookies enable the website to recognize the used browser. Therefore, the main purpose of cookies is to remember the options (website language, currency, etc.). Cookies also help to identify the same user of the website.

Use of cookies 

Website uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies: in order to provide the customers with innovative and user-friendly website, Travel On Spot uses technical cookies allowing seeing the Website and ensures its proper functioning. Users may login to available account and manage their bookings. Website functions properly only due to the technical cookies.

Functional cookies: they allow remembering the user options and using the Website more efficiently. Thanks to these cookies, the Website remembers the previously selected language, currency, searches or viewed accommodation establishments. The cookies of this type are not necessary for the functioning of Website, but they make the browsing more convinient.

Analytical cookies: the cookies of this type are used to better understand how visitors use the Website and improve the functioning of Website. The collected data include the websites viewed by the users, the related websites from which the users came to Website or where they have left, type of used platform, date and time information, numbers of clicks, mouse movement and browsing activity, key words and other text typed during the browsing in Website. Analytical cookies are also used for online promotion campaigns, in order to analyse users’ behaviour after they have been showed the online advertisement, including the advertisements viewed in the websites of third parties. In this case, an anonymous information is collected.

Commercial cookies: the cookies of this type are used to place Travel On Spot advertisements in other websites. So-called „directing advertisements“ are shown based on the information about travel directions searched by the users, reviewed accommodation establishments and shown prices.

Lifetime of cookies 

Cookies have different lifetime cycles. The longest lifetime of some cookies is 5 years from the last visit of Website. All cookies may be deleted from user‘s browser at any time. 

Cookies of third parties

Travel On Spot uses the services of reliable and acknowledged online advertising and marketing companies. Travel On Spot may also use the suppliers of third parties for analytical purposes. For these purposes, it is necessary to place the cookies of third parties.

Suppliers which services are used by Travel On Spot are obliged to inform the customers about their activity and apply the high standards of responsible business and data management. 

Use of Travel On Spot cookies information

Travel On Spot may only use Travel On Spot cookies. Third parties shall control the cookies placed by third parties. 

Change of cookies options

By using the settings of browsers (e.g., Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome), the users may select the permitted and prohibited cookies. The location of settings in browser menu depends on specific type of browser. It is possible to find the settings through „Help“ function.

If the user selects to prevent the operation of some cookies, some functions of Website may not operate. The refusal of online advertising shall not mean that the user will no longer see the online advertising or user data will not be used for advertising or marketing research performance. Such refusal shall mean that the networks which services have been refused will no longer view the advertisements adapted in accordance with the user‘s browser settings and browsing features. 

Web bugs 

Travel On Spot uses the web bugs. A web bug is a small graphic image of one pixel accessing the computer as part of the website or as HTML electronic message. These images directly or through other services providers are used as online advertising or helping to find out whether the user viewing the advertisement places a booking, monitor the conversion of partner websites, analyse customer movement and optimize the offered services.