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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Frankfurt

Photo taken by  Frankfurt

Frankfurt – one of Germany’s most expensive cities – attracts people from all around the world. And that’s not only because of its high living standard, but also due to the many art events that regularly take place in the city. Here’s a list of the most interesting facts about one of the wealthiest cities in Europe.

  • Frankfurt is the largest city of Hesse – one of the federal states in Germany. It is not, however, its capital. This title belongs to another city – Wiesbaden.
  • During ancient times, Frankfurt was the centre of the Holy Roman Empire where kings – and later emperors – were crowned.
  • The famous writer, humanist and scientist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born in Frankfurt in 1749. In 1860, it also became the final resting place of the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer.
The Hauptwache plaza in Frankfurt
Photo taken by  The Hauptwache plaza in Frankfurt
  • After the Second World War, Frankfurt was a contender for the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany. Eventually, however, that title went to Bonn.
  • Frankfurt has the largest inner-city forest in Germany, taking up around 80 sq. km. (a third of its territory), and the world-famous 20-hectare Palm Garden, which hosts plants from every climate zone on the planet.
  • This city is home to two of the EU’s highest skyscrapers – the Commerzbank (259 m) and the tower of the Exhibition Centre.
  • Frankfurt’s airport is the largest in Germany. It is third largest in Europe in terms of the number of passengers flown, and the second in terms of transported cargo.
Traditional christmas market in the historic center of Frankfurt
Photo taken by  Traditional christmas market in the historic center of Frankfurt
  • Every year, the city hosts over 30 industrial expos and fairs. The largest automobile, publishing and music industry shows, which attract millions of people, are all held here.
  • Frankfurt is home to Germany’s wealthiest and most luxurious museums.
  • The city’s Henninger Tower is the highest beer reservoir in the world.

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