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Top 10 Ways to Save Money for an Excellent Skiing Vacation

Photo taken by Koliažas.  

Everyone who likes to ski knows it isn’t cheap. Flights to mountain resorts, accommodation, lift tickets, skiing lessons, food and clothing – these are the things that eat up most of the holiday budget. Here, Travel on Spot presents you with a few ways of making your skiing trips less expensive.

1. Book a Mountain Cabin in Advance

Photo taken by Travel On Spot.  

It’s one of the most reliable ways of getting the best prices for accommodation in the most convenient places. The earlier you start making plans, the more you’ll gain. On the other hand, booking for a large group of people is certainly not easy. Furthermore, pre-booking a hotel during winter can be twice or even three times more expensive. Oftentimes, there’s no available accommodation left at all.

2. Look for Cheaper Accommodation

Cityscape of the town of Avoriaz in the Portes du Soleil in France
Photo taken by  Cityscape of the town of Avoriaz in the Portes du Soleil in France

If descending mountains on skis or snowboards is all you care about, you should probably look for cheap accommodation. Even at the fairly expensive Chamonix Mont Blanc Resort you can find guesthouses where a night will set you back no more than 15-20 Euros.

3. Look for Accommodation Further from the Resort Centre

Evening landscape and ski resort in French Alps,Tignes, Tarentaise, France
Photo taken by  Evening landscape and ski resort in French Alps,Tignes, Tarentaise, France

Moreover, it’s worth looking for accommodation slightly further from resort centres and ski slopes. You’ll be surprised what a difference a few kilometres can make. Most likely, you won’t be able to slide inside your room straight from the slopes, but at least you’ll get to spend more of your budget for other amenities. More popular resorts are usually more expensive and overcrowded with tourists. All you have to do is take a look around some nearby towns or less popular slopes, and you’ll find better quality for a lower price. Most of your desired slopes can also be reached by public transport.

4. Keep Tabs on Discounts and Take Part in Loyalty Programmes

Internet savvy travellers are sure to find discounts and ways of saving money. Make sure to check the various offers by travel organisers on the net and you’ll always find some discount options. And to those looking for cheaper accommodation, we propose to register for the loyalty programme of the hotel booking system Travel on Spot. Here you’ll get points for booking accommodation, which you can later use for free accommodation in mountain resorts.

5. Borrow, Rent or Buy Used Equipment and Clothing

Photo taken by Travel On Spot.  Cervinia

It’s nice to have your own gear, but if you go skiing only once a year there’s no reason to buy it all. Sundries and multiple-use items can be borrowed from friends, whereas skis and snowboards can be rented cheaply, provided you look for them in advance.

If you still want to have you own gear and accessories, start by looking for them in second-hand shops and online stores. This can help you find stuff that’s cheap, yet barely-used. Inexpensive skiing gear can also be bought during spring, once the season is over. The saying “Grease your skis during summer” applies here perfectly.

And if you already have all the requisite gear, yet keep it in the pantry for most of the year, try renting it through one of the online sharing websites. Money made this way can also be invested into holidays in the mountains.

6. Look for Appealing Flight Offers

Just like with finding accommodation, getting hold of cheap flights requires some work – searching through ticket vendors online and planning things in advance. Many people are tempted to fly on cheap airlines, but if you’ve got baggage and skis, make sure to compare cheap flights with those of standard airlines. During winter season, all airlines plan various discounts, so try to take advantage of that.

7. Take Your Lunch with You on the Mountain

Nightlife in Madonna di Campiglio
Photo taken by Travel On Spot.  Nightlife in Madonna di Campiglio

So you’re at the mountain, you have where to stay, you’ve rented or bought inexpensive gear, and all that’s left now is to go ski. There are, however, still a few ways to save some more money. If you ski often, you must’ve noticed that the food served at restaurants near the slopes is usually quite expensive and not very good. And let’s not forget the massive queues of hungry and thirsty skiers, intense noise and lack of space. We recommend you buy produce at the local store, make lunch at home and take it with you on the mountain. Once you get hungry, you can always find a quiet place in the shade and have a nice meal with a view of the mountaintops.

8. Save on Lift Tickets

Photo taken by Travel On Spot.  Cervinia

Lift tickets are another major part of the holiday budget. If you’re a beginner, for the first few days you can use the cheaper, or even completely free, lifts on the simpler slopes. And even if you are experienced, a couple of days without skis can be an excellent holiday programme. Even though it depends on the resort, in most places you can find plenty of activities and entertainment around. This could make your skiing holiday even more exciting.

The most enthusiastic skiers who spend the better part of winter season in the mountains could also benefit from buying season passes, which might pay for themselves very quickly. Season passes cost roughly the same as two-three week lift tickets at ski resorts.

9. Travel with Relatives

Photo taken by Travel On Spot.  Cervinia

If you have children, you’re often forced to adapt to the situation. One option is to invite your parents to go with you. They’ll have fund in the mountains with their grandchildren, and you’ll have plenty of free time for your winter entertainment. The best part of this is that you’ll also have lots of time to spend together in the evening. Furthermore, if your parents also like to ski, you can take turns watching the children. Larger groups of people also get discounts on services and accommodation.

10. Look for Alternative Ski Slopes

Gudauri, Georgia
Photo taken by  Gudauri, Georgia

Skiing holidays can always be combined with educational trips. During season, the most popular places in Italy, France, Austria and Switzerland can be quite expensive. For this reason, it would be prudent to consider alternatives, such as going to the close or even more distant European resorts from the Baltic States by car. And let’s also not forget the mountain resorts in Georgia – the prices are low, and exotic things aplenty. Iran can also offer some interesting slopes to the more adventurous. Good conditions for skiing can also be found in Scandinavia, which can be reached quite inexpensively from the Baltics.

Use at least a few of these tips when planning your trips, and you’re sure to save enough money for your next holiday by the sea.

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