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Where to Ski: The Pearl of Georgia and the Caucasus Mountains - Gudauri

Ski in Gudauri, Georgia
Photo taken by  Ski in Gudauri, Georgia

Gudauri, located in the Greater Caucasus Range, in Kazbegi Municipality, is a young and developing ski resort – the largest of its kind in all of Georgia.

Gudauri is the highest mountain resort in the country, located 2,200 m above sea level. It is frequented by tourists all year round.

In winter, both beginner and advanced visitors of the resort will find activities appropriate to their skill level: slaloms of differing heights, traditional mountain skiing, snowboarding, and heli-skiing (downhill skiing or snowboarding accessed by a helicopter). In Gudauri, ski tracks are typically covered in snow for 4-5 months out of the year, December to late April.

Ski in Gudauri
Photo taken by  Ski in Gudauri

The tracks at this resort stretch for 57 km and meet all requisite global standards. Lifts go up to 3,285 m. Gudauri is located a mere 120 km from the capital Tbilisi. For this reason, many locals come to ski here one day a time.

Gudauri attracts an ever-increasing number of both beginner and advanced enthusiasts of winter entertainment. Those who like extreme challenges can even go on exclusive mountain slalom trips. Others like to rent helicopters that take them up to mountain peaks covered in fluffy snow. Helicopters go up to 4,200 metres above the ground, where you can see some truly spectacular views of the Caucasus Mountains, and tap into the limitless possibilities of free skiing.

Gudauri, Georgia
Photo taken by  Gudauri, Georgia

Furthermore, the so-called speedriding has been gaining in popularity during recent years – it’s a hybrid sport that combines skis and parachutes. Thanks to its vast horizons, open spaces and relatively few obstacles, Gudauri is considered to be among the best spots for speedriding in the world. Professional teachers can help you master this extreme form entertainment.

Gudauri is currently undergoing rapid development, with new hotels, guesthouses, sports centres and restaurants popping up in rapid succession.

Gudauri map
Photo taken by  Gudauri map

Weather conditions and snow covering in Gudauri can be observed via a live stream from the resort by clicking on the following link.

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